Trail Run Number 2–not quite as exhilarating…

Still high off of Thursday night’s trail run with Extreme Runners and feeling a little gross after yesterday’s migraine/blech day, I decided to get up early and meet up with the same group for their Saturday morning run. I met them at the store and then followed them out to Seal Bay, a park not too far from where we were staying. The group was smaller and to be honest, older, than last time’s so I wasn’t sure what to expect. There was no other group 3 type runners there, so I went with the 4s (a little slower) – there was just four of us girls and to be honest, I was planning on running with a slower group anyways (I am a little sore and the day after taking a bunch of pain killers and migraine meds, I like to err on the side of safe!), so I tried not to let my A type, ego-driven side kick in. For the most part, I was good! We talked for the whole hour and it was nice to hear about their lives on the island and their whole philosophy on running – that it should be FUN!

Seal Bay – nice trails, but wayyyy easier and more like paths than Thursday’s route!

We talked about some races that they wanted to do and it made me realize some of the fun ones I’d like to try – the Halloween Haunting again this year, perhaps, and maybe one of the ones near Christmas (who wants to dress up as Santa and/or reindeers with me?!).


Synchronized swimmers with Nina and Tanya – it’s hard to believe this was almost a year ago! I look way too thin…but this was my best 10k time ever (probably the cool weather).

After the hour run, I decided to do another loop and to get a closer look at the water (I wanted to see seals!) so I ended up doing about 75 minutes (another long one for me!). Afterwards, I drove back and grabbed a coffee! I’d had a clif bar before the run (it was not easy to eat it – it’s amazing me how hard this week has been to eat right/stay on track) but once I’d showered I was ready for a real breakfast.

Flax Plus instant oatmeal with berries, banana, and peanut butter + Starbucks fix, of course!

Today was kind of a weird day. We checked out downtown Comox (not much there, to be honest). My dad and his girlfriend ate at the marina again but I was far from hungry (frustrated with the timing, to be honest). I drove them out to Seal Bay afterwards to walk down to the beach and take some pictures, which was beautiful!



After the beach, we still had time to kill so we went back to the golf course but not for golf this time! We sat on the patio there and I had an amazing sandwich and salad (even though I wasn’t feeling hungry, our flight was right through dinner so I ate in anticipation). All of this eating on purpose and eating strategically is starting to get to me!

Looking forward to recreating this – chicken and brie panini (on walnut bread with cranberry something or other) + mixed greens salad with blueberry balsamic dressing.

At the airport I bought myself a fancy chocolate bar that I didn’t get a picture of because I ate it on the plane. It was dark chocolate and hazelnuts and local—from Denman Island. I ate the whole thing (I think it was about two ounces) and tried not too feel too bad about it. I also had an apple with it and a couple bites of those yummy cookies they give out.  I just got back to the hotel (we fit three huge suitcases, three people and the driver, plus two golf bags into a checker limo cab thing, imagine that kind of family bonding) and I snarfed a Nature Valley Granola bar (the crunchy kind) when I got in. Again, REALLY frustrated with the eating situation here.

My flight isn’t til 1 in the afternoon tomorrow—I’m not sure what I’m going to do in the morning. I had thoughts of heading straight for the hotel gym, but I am supposed to take a rest day and anticipating a long week ahead. I’m going to try to just go to bed and see what happens in the morning – no need to plan/control for workouts, breakfast, etc. and just maybe going with the flow. If I tire myself out, the plane ride might be less restless but when I get home I’d like to have energy to unpack and throw my laundry in (it will be kind of late with the time change though!). It’s all trial and error, and even though I’m hearing mostly my e.d. telling me that I’ve been awful this week, I know even if I have made some ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ choices, they’ve taught me some stuff!


Do you ever look back at old pictures and realize how not good you looked? How do you deal?
How do you deal with travelling/not being hungry at the same time as your companions?
How do you deal with guilt over vacation eating?
What’s your least favorite part of vacation?


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