Some new rules!

In the past, my gut reaction after a week of vacation or a weekend of indulging or anything that threw my control-freak routine off would be to go on a diet, avoiding all of the things that I thought might further contribute to my ‘gluttony’…did I mention I was delusional?

While travelling can be tough to manage when it comes to eating right and feeling healthy but finding a good balance with relaxing and enjoying some special foods, restricting as a result of any kind of overindulging is, at least for me, a recipe for disaster (this I know from experience). What I’ve done in the past has not helped, so I am ready to take a different approach. Rather than coming up with an elaborate plan to “undo” my vacation, I am going to give myself a new set of challenges:

  1. Cook at least one new recipe each week and make enough to have leftovers (this will make cooking at home more exciting and will challenge me to try new foods).
  2. Eat out at least once a week and try to order without concern for calorie counts, etc. (this will keep me balanced and remind me that eating out is a normal part of healthy eating!).
  3. Release the need to finish everything on my plate—just eat until you’re content!
  4. Eat without distraction (i.e. without checking my email, texting, reading, watching TV, etc. – I’m going to try to move away from these things gradually).
  5. Eat as though you’re eating with other people (i.e. don’t sneak food…this makes it feel like you’re doing something you shouldn’t be, which is not the case if you’re eating what you want when you want it!)/

Numbers 4 and 5 are my take on some of those from Geneen Roth’s set of rules—here’s an excerpt from one of her books.  If you haven’t read her stuff, I highly recommend it – she writes almost in prose and her books are really quick reads but they make you think!


What kinds of healthy eating goals could you set that have less to do with specific foods or calories and more to do with eating in a healthier way?
How often do you eat out? Do you try to make a “healthy” choice or do you just go with it? Do you find yourself ordering healthier options anyways?
Have you read Geneeen Roth’s books?


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