Gettin’ better…

Apparently third time’s a charm when it comes to golfing—at least for feeling legit!

Maybe it was the outfit that my dad’s girlfriend spoiled me with, maybe it was the pre-game meal, or maybe it was all the migraine meds I was hopped up on, but Friday’s golf game went a lot better than Wednesday’s!

Turkey and havarti on white bread (I was not starving or in the mood for more whole wheat, heavy stuff) with an apple pre-golf!

Looking the part from head to toe! I am pretty darn spoiled…but I look good in pink!

Some wildlife on the course!

The score card – I am not even THAT embarrassed! Check out the birdie! My first, one, and only…

Getting a migraine always throws me way off. I feel like crap, don’t want to eat, and then usually end up starving. 

After we golfed (it got dark again, but we made it to the 15th hole this time) we stayed for dinner. I had a ceasar salad with steak – I was craving it even though I felt a little off and really tired. We ordered a dessert and I just had a couple of really sweet but delicious bites. I’m trying to experiment with what feels right—in the past I’ve had a problem with just eating part of something (I often felt unsatisfied if I didn’t have a whole dessert, sandwich, etc. like I am getting jipped but then I feel as though I mechanically finish things, regardless of portion size/hunger level, out of habit…so this is one of those things I am playing around with).

Peanut butter and hazelnut pie. The peanut butter one was better. Nice presentation, eh?

When we got home, we broke out UNO (and the Bailey’s, which I had a litttle bit of but wasn’t feeling it)! John didn’t know what he was in for, but he learned quickly! I played til 1am and they kept playing til 3am! We are die-hards, and I won’t lie, the competitive side comes out whenever the cards come out!

All in all, I think I could get used to golfing and even get into it! It’s a nice way to get outside and to get away from stuff, so no complaints! I am starting to understand the appeal…

Do you finish your plate most of the time? What about at restaurants?
Do you like to order your own food or do you mind sharing?
What game does your family love to play?
Are you competitive?
Have you ever played UNO?


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