Golfing, swimming, trail running…migraine. The good and the bad!

Here comes a recap…

Wednesday afternoon I got out on the golf course (my second time ever and it’s been two years since my debut on a course). I actually surprised myself and had a lot of fun playing 11 holes of twilight golf at Crown Isle Resort (in Comox). I got better as we went and we’re playing again today so I think it can only get better from here!

I’m a golfer!

After golfing, I was starving so I ordered chicken fingers and a salad at the restaurant while my dad and his girlfriend and their friend who is staying with us enjoyed some beer! It was delicious but I was still hungry when I got home, so I dug into some pretzels and had a single serving size bag of mini eggs. After Tuesday night’s binge, eating enough took a conscious effort and I had to tell myself that it was better to err on the side of overeating than undereating (I so want to avoid getting back into a cycle).

Thursday morning I was up bright and early and without a whole lot on the agenda, I decided to head to the pool. I swam 2400m and I feel good that I got one swim in this week! Lakeside Olympic Triathlon is coming fast and 1500m is going to be tough!

After my swim and a tasty breakfast/Starbucks (naturally), we got ready and drove to Coombs to the market – it’s called Goats on the Roof, and there were in fact goats on the roof! There was so much food and I decided to have some ice cream for my lunch (my late breakfast was hearty and I wasn’t very hungry). It was okay, but once I started eating I realized it was so not what I wanted.  As a brave step, I left it after eating part of it (a big step in the direction of normal eating) and decided to have a real lunch later when I felt hungry!

Random cute elephant statues in front of the tackiest store ever!

I wanted a loaf of bread for myself! Or seven…
I could get close to this one—he wasn’t on the roof! The ones up top were staying outta the sun/didn’t want to be in a picture, apparently!

I dropped my companions off at a golf course in Parksville and then drove back along the ocean, enjoying the scenery. I stopped in Qualicum and had lunch at a cute restaurant (it reminded me of the Black Walnut in Wortley, if you’re from London).

Turkey and cranberry sandwich (I took the cheddar cheese off) with a delish salad – spinach, beets, carrots, sunflower seeds and balsamic (plus chick peas I left behind).


Cute restaurant – I sat outside and enjoyed my lunch.

Just a taste of the view along the ocean – the pictures don’t do the scenery justice out here!

When I got home I changed and headed down to Courtenay. I’d found a running store that does weekly trail runs and was excited to try it. I killed some time and bought myself a really cute scarf (with the mad money my dad gave me to kill time – BONUS!). The run was AMAZING. The people were so nice, so motivated, and it was probably the best run I’ve ever done. I wish I’d taken my camera along – it was called Tomato Creek. The group had 6 different levels plus a walk/run group to choose from (they placed me in the 3rd group for people who run about 45-50 minute 10ks on a flat road). I was a little nervous that I would a) get hurt b) make a fool of myself or c) get eaten by a bear but NONE of that happened! We went mostly uphill to start and I saw a couple of wipeouts, rolled my ankle once or twice but carried on, and got to the top at the front of the group! It was so beautiful – I wish I had pictures and I can’t find any on the internet. Hmmph! At any rate, they said it was their hardest run of the year (great timing on my part) and someone even told me they didn’t believe it was my first time because people are usually “timid”. I don’t know how you could be – if there’s a rock in your way, you have to get over it somehow. If you’re going downill, you might as well let gravity help you and just go with it. I haven’t had so much fun in a really long time! This was the perfect adrenaline pumping boost I needed to get me out of a little bit of a workout funk! We did see some fresh poop that I kind of dismissed as whatever until someone said “That bear poop looked pretty fresh!”. SO COOL! Reason number 9291029292 why I need to move out west…better trails!

My scarf – bicycles? How could I NOT buy it? It’s organic cotton, made in Canada (in Hamilton – funny that I came all the way out here to buy it!)
After the run, I jumped into a glacial-fed lake (so cool!) and headed back to meet up with my dad and Sherry and John. I stopped for a hot chocolate (steamed skim milk, mocha, and sugar free vanilla – the equivalent of chocolate milk to refuel?) and had a banana to tide me over. We went to Tita’s for dinner – I was driving so I didn’t get to have any of the fresh margaritas and my stomach felt off. I actually hate mexican and asked not to go there but we went anyways. I had a heck of a time finding something to order and ended up with a pretty but boring salad that I took home and added a can of salmon to for protein (literally all of the meat was presoaked in something spicy and my stomach was not having it). I hate eating late but it was 11 by the time I had it and that was frustrating. We did get to try a fresh fig at the restaurant though—it was delicious! Adding it to the list of fruits I want to eat more of when I get home!

I love this Starbucks—I think I’ve found my new treat/post-workout choice!

I stayed up a little longer to look up trail running in London. There is a group and a guy keeps a blog that interests me! Maybe I’ve found my workout calling? I’m not ready to abandon my Ironman hopes, but I am pretty excited after that run! I might try to get out with the group on Saturday morning before we leave even though I told them I’d only see them that one time!

Now for the crappy part – this morning I woke up knowing a migraine was about to happen. My vision went and I started to get the headache from hell. I took my medicine and tried to sleep. I stayed in bed til 12 (14 hours of sleep or something like sleep but way less relaxing) and finally got up. Some coffee, more medicine, and breakfast kind of helped and now I am ready to kill the afternoon before we go back to the golf course! We are eating out again (I want to be home in my kitchen). The week has gone fast! I need to relax because next week is uber busy – training at the gym and 6 days at lulu make for a busy girl, plus training for the tri that is coming so fast!

Another big delicious breakfast.

Are you a golfer?
Have you ever tried trail running?
What’s the best workout you’ve ever done?
What do you order at starbucks as a treat?
Do you like Mexican food? What’s your favorite thing to order?
Do you get migraines?


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