New record!

Apparently more blog posts = more reading! Or maybe it’s the intense posts? At any rate, I’ve got more site views than ever. How about some more comments, please?

This morning, Dad and I headed to Strathcona Provincial Park. It was about an hour drive and we only took two wrong turns (NBD, Dad calls U turns “Texas double backs” and I don’t think we’ve driven anywhere without making at least one!). The park is huge and I think it’s the oldest provincial park around. There are lots of trails that you have to be really experienced with (i.e. bears, ice, etc.).

When we finally parked and found a trail, we were greeted by a bear warning!

I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous but then we saw some happy, casual looking hikers coming back and I relaxed about heading out!

We took two trails and ended up hiking (more like walking, to be honest) for just over an hour and what I think was about 7km. Getting in the woods was beautiful! Babbling brooks, birds, and mountains in the distance covered with snow? What’s not to love…




My dad is pretty quiet so the hike was a chance to think (or ‘meditate’ as he would call it). I realized how much I hate the idea of working out in a gym constantly and remembered that I work out to stay fit to make hiking, biking, running in beautiful places, etc. possible! Attitude adjustment from the old me, working out to lose weight or to get skinny and even preferring to be inside where I could have full control of everything.  Maybe I should picture myself as someone who commutes by bike/foot, cross country skis to stay active in the winter, and bikes/runs/walks/swims outside as much as possible during the warm months…ideally!

After we drove back, I had my leftover pork on a bun with some havarti cheese and an apple and did some writing for the Campus Rec website. I’m trying to put a dent in it before September, the month of craziness, arrives!


I forgot to link to my latest article on – this one is about paying for school!

I think I’m going to go see what my family is up to because it’s awfully gorgeous out. We are playing twilight golf tonight and I’m afraid my nerves are about to kick in…

Do you read lots of blogs? What’s your favorite?
Where’s the prettiest place you’ve ever hiked? Most challenging?
What’s your workout philosophy?
Do you golf?


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