Doing the next right thing…

I think I’ve mentioned “doing the next right thing” before, a la Jenni Schaefer.  Today, that meant getting up and going with the day.

So that’s what I did. I laid around this morning for a while, trying to get back to sleep, but no luck. Eventually, I decided to go and get the car from downtown. I googled it and realized it was only 6km away—the perfect length for a HEALTHY jog—not a punishing sprint. I found a trail along the way and ran a little past the car because it is so gosh darn beautiful here.

When I was finished, I hit up Starbucks for some much needed java.

Starbucks makes things better…

After yet another attempt to sleep (a few sips of coffee and then I abandoned it temporarily), I had a shower and realized that I should probably eat breakfast, regardless of my gastrointestinal, shall we say, aftermath from last night.

Doing the next right thing means eating a real breakfast today – whole grain sunflower bread with peanut butter and banana is always a win.

Now I am enjoying the view and watching the Today show on my computer while I caffeinate. We may go hiking today—yay—and then golfing—eeek! I am hoping for a nap in between. I am determined to get back on a healthy path today.

The window view…lovely!


What’s the healthiest thing you’ve done for yourself this week?
What’s your go-to healthy breakfast?
Do you like Starbucks? Or do you loveeeee it?


One response to “Doing the next right thing…

  1. I love this, it has so much meaning. It is perfect. I know how hard the next morning is, it’s just the most trying thing, to wake up and choose to change your day from the one before. It takes mad strength and courage, kudos, it’s like doing a burpee with a 50lb sandbag on your back, huge challenge and I completely understand! Cheryl you are incredibly resilient! ❤

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