Three in one day…and it’s only 11:00!

You guys better be lovin’ this blogging! I think they say you should do whatever your ideal life would be when you go on vacation—apparently I’d be blogging more if I had more spare time at home! (Note to self: spend less time on facebook, and more blogging!).

I rode a rather pathetic bike (it came with the house) this morning. It had 2 gears that worked, neither of which was really ideal BUT to be honest, it made for a leisurely spin down the Oceanside route outside our doorway. I rode to a little town called Fanny Bay (funny, no?).

Needless to say, I miss my bike!

I was hoping to see some wildlife, but no luck!

I stopped a few times to take pictures.

I lied—I did see some wildlife! I met this guy when I stopped to pee in a surprisingly clean-ish portapotty!

Now I’m back and my dad’s taken the bike for a little spin. I had a quick sandwich and some carrots (I don’t feel like I’ve been eating enough veggies lately) and I am waiting to see what’s in store for the rest of the afternoon.

Turkey and cheese sandwich with light mayo and mixed greens. Carrot sticks!

Everyone else is pretty unmotivated, but the weather is amazing so I’d love to go to Strathcona Provincial Park and do some ‘hiking’ (aka walking on nice easy trails if we all go) – but if they go golfing I may find something else to do!

More to come, I’m sure…


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