From Calgary to Comox to Courtenay…whew!

Success on the sleeping in front.

Success on the waiting to exercise front.

Success on the following my own advice front.

This place is beautiful…I think I can sum up my Monday in mostly pictures:

Happy, ready to head to the airport!

I should really have packed lighter—oh well! I’ll just need to check two bags on the way home!

A quick, easy, and delicious breakfast that I threw together before we got on the plane and ate before we took off! Missing = the coffee I chugged!

Our rental Rav4 and our rental house just outside of Courtenay!

The half-lunch I snarfed before we went to the grocery store – the hungry monster couldn’t wait!

run time
Ready for my run!

I headed out in the somewhat dreary afternoon. I chose to stick to the main road even though I saw some tempting trails. I wish I had a running partner here! To be honest, there are two bikes, two kayaks, two everythings—it’d be nice if my sister, my prince charming, or a friend were here to do this stuff with!  Anyways, the run was longer than ever for me (but not that long if you’re a marathoner) – 75 minutes! I tried the walk-run method that I read about somewhere and it really helped mentally to break up the run!  I think I went about 12.5 kilometres, which puts me at about a 6:00 pace I believe, but that’s fine with me. I kept my heart rate low enough that I could look around and enjoy the scenery and came back feeling good!

My post-run snack—I ended up eating three peaches and a plain yogurt with a little bit of brown sugar on top to make the second half of my pathetic Clif bar lunch.

We explored the backyard next…


…and then got ready for a dinner out and a relaxing evening! I think I changed my clothes four times by dinner yesterday!


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