Good morning! I just had a relaxing morning – I was up early and resisted the urge to rush out on a manic bike ride to burn off last night’s dinner…


We ate at the Blackfin Pub—Sherry’s friend recommended it! Beautiful view—our house is across the water.


I had pork tenderloin stuffed with sundried apricots! It came with so many garlic mashed potatoes and plenty of veggies – I got the brandy something or other sauce on the side (it was okay!).


It looks pretty, it was kind of good, but I wanted the fudge brownie I saw a woman at the table next to us eat as her main meal while her family ate fish and chips!


A special coffee helped make me feel better! I had another in the hot tub when we got home!

Dinner was delicious and relaxing and beautiful. I understand why people come out here and are willing to pay huge amounts for rent, for groceries (I was shocked when I saw that a box of Kashi costs $7.50 at Safeway here), etc. I had wine with dinner and then the Bailey’s, and since the dessert wasn’t exactly what I hoped for, I didn’t overdo it! When we got home we went to the hot tub and relaxed but I didn’t last very long before I needed to go to bed—I slept like a baby!

This morning, I made some coffee and decided to have breakfast and answer some emails/do some work on the computer (and blog, obviously) before the day gets started.

The view makes working at the laptop a little bit easier as long as I look up every so often!

Yesterday when we bought groceries I got myself a variety box of Nature’s Path oatmeal. Sometimes I get hung up on eating instant oatmeal, but I realized convenience wins out while I’m on vacation and also that maybe it’s a remnant of the eating disorder that gets caught up on eating something instant!


Options! Today I chose apple cinnamon, because I forgot to get bananas and thus the decision to have an apple as my fruit this morning was pretty easy!


Apple cinnamon oatmeal, chopped apple, milk, and 1/2 of a Nature Valley crunchy granola bar on top! Coffee of course, in a cute mug that I kind of want to steal…

The morning is going fast now and I am thinking today holds a bike ride, maybe a trip to Walmart (I overpacked but managed to forget a razor!), and who knows what else? Maybe we’ll climb a mountain? Kayak across the bay? Everyone else is still asleep…

What do you do if your dessert, drink, meal, etc. is less than you’d hoped for? Would you send it back?
Do you like Bailey’s in your coffee?
How do you like to spend a relaxing morning?
What’s your favorite oatmeal topping?
Do you like instant oatmeal?


2 responses to “BC

  1. Your food always looks so good!

    • I’m working on taking better pictures–some of the blogs I read say to use natural light as much as possible and to use cool plates, etc. I refuse to take so much time to snap a good picture that the food ends up being lukewarm — yuck!

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