Vacation plans

This vacation is going to be different…

I’m choosing to relax even though the parking is going to be 50 dollars and I am seriously weighed down with carry on luggage since my bag was heavy (surprise surprise). There’s also a bird that must be someones pet whom I think will probably sit next to me on the plane the way my luck is going! Haha!

In the past, my vacations have revoked around, you guessed it…my weight. I’ve gotten up early, worked out, and tried to eat as “good” as I possibly could. News flash, it’s not working! This time, I’m going to see where the day take me. I have a recovery week but workouts scheduled on my training plan, but I refuse to be a type about ti and I ink it would be a healthier step to go on vacation and relax. Hard after seeing weight gain, but I know I’ve been off lately so I should be brave and try to figure this out!

I have packed a bunch of magazines–triathlon, outside, and Canadian running to name a few. I’ve also brought carrots n cake (love her blog, so I got her book for the trip), only pack what you can carry, and one of geneen roth’s books to read. I have my laptop to do some writing, blogging, and work for campus rec. When I get back i’d like to feel like I’m relaxed but in good shape for back to school and to have fun with my sisters wedding planning and training!

Theynjust made the pre boarding announcement and I have some serious serious stuffing to do to get on with my carry ons. Wish me luck!

.do you like flying?
.would you take a pet on vacation?
.do you plan your workouts while you’re away?
.are you excited for back to school?


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