Hiya. I am into this vacation. It’s only 8:30 in Calgary, but I feel like it’s 10:30 and I’ve been up since 5am, so I think my tiredness is 100% justified!

After my first and second blog posts from my iPad, I had a relatively uneventful flight out to Calgary.  Small world though—I was sitting next to a friend of a friend so the time went by a lot faster than normal. It’s relatively quick four hour flight, but I managed to have a good conversation with both of the people sitting with me (a very nice woman flying out to her daughter’s wedding was on the other side of me!) and finish reading Carrots n Cake, the book by the blogger at, you guessed it, Carrots n Cake—me loves!  It makes me feel a lot better knowing that other people have struggled but gotten through this whole figuring out the difference between healthy, unhealthy, obsessive, and balanced and come out smiling! Tina blogged alllll the way through, which is inspiring me to dedicate at least a little more time to this bad boy…

In terms of food and guilt, I think I did well today. I had a big breakfast (toast, peanut butter, and a banana) that kept me full til the middle of the plane ride, when I snacked on an apple. I had a turkey sandwich and a big salad with strawberries once I got into town, even though it was kind of early here (10:30am). Sherry (my dad’s girlfriend) and I spent the afternoon at Chinook. I bought myself some long lusted after earrings from Swarovski (which I intend to wear for my sister’s wedding) and a couple of tank tops and a skirt from American Eagle. I also bought some lulu, obviously! Sherry found herself a full outfit with a jacket and everything—it was fun to help her pick it out! 


I want to wear this skirt with brown—tights, boots, etc. I am craving fall (and pumpkin spice sauce from Starbucks!).

I had a granola bar while we were shopping but  even so I was ravenous before dinner, so I nibbled on some more strawberries before we headed to Japanese Village, where we were meeting Sherry’s daughter for her birthday dinner (happy birthday one week early!). I have over-indulged there before so I wanted to at least set myself up for success. Going in, I decided to cut myself some slack and apply the advice I always read and even give (if I tell people it’s going to work to practice moderation or to have 2 of 3—bread, a drink, I better believe it myself!). If you haven’t tried teppenyaki, where the chef cooks right in front of you, you need to!


the cooking process


I had shrimp!

The meal is amazing and an experience – they bring you soup and salad while they start cooking up your meat and veggies. I ordered my shrimp without the sauce and instead dipped it in the steak sauce which is likely not so good for you but is amazing. I put it on my rice and enjoyed the meal without too much guilt, although I did have a few thoughts of “this is bad” that I managed to remind myself are wrong! The meal ends with green tea and dessert (orange sherbet, vanilla ice cream, or green tea ice cream). The vanilla ice cream tastes like real vanilla bean so I always order it and have a bite or two. Today I did the same! We got the birthday treatment (think goofy hats, pictures too embarrassing to post, and dancing) and it was all in all a fun meal! I ate almost my entire entree with all of the rice, but as I was going to finish the rice just because it was there and I felt bad for eating more than the half bowl I was planning on, I realized this was an opportunity to show I can indulge without bingeing! Go me.

I also got another chance to do this when I found myself nibbling on the cookies I came across when I straightened out my bags after checking into the hotel this evening (I stay at a hotel because Sherry has cats and I am oh so allergic!).  I decided that they were not that good, I was not that hungry, and I was more needing something to fill the time (enter blogging, work, and watching Survivorman!).

All in all, I’d call today a success! Tomorrow morning we fly to Comox and then we are heading to a vacation rental house in Courtenay! I am looking forward to it.  To keep challenging myself, I’m going to set my alarm for late (i.e. just enough time to go to the airport, no workout time in the morning) and see what happens. If I am up early, I will go to the hotel gym where I’ve spent so many mornings ‘making room’ for the day in my past trips here.  It has a treadmill and some weights and an elliptical and bike, if I remember properly (they’re all kind of a blur). If I’m not, I am going to try to let the day unfold. I think there will be time for a run in the afternoon (weather permitting) and if not, I could do yoga or some body weight stuff inside if I am really feeling like I could use a work out.  I am sore today from yesterday’s 2.5 hour (was supposed to be 3) but easy ride and short run after, and all in all I think a break from structured structured exercise will be good for me mentally and probably physically! I feel like I am on the verge of burnout, which makes a recovery week much in order!

Time for me to call it a night…I LOVE hotel beds! And free toiletries. Happy!



Do you blog from an ipad or a phone ever?
Do you talk to the strangers next to you on a plane?
Do you travel alone/like to travel alone?
What’s your favorite ‘fun’ restaurant?


One response to “Calgary!

  1. I’ll comment on my own blog. Those cookies were calling my name and I think I legitimately was hungry so I went for it. Peak Freans Blueberry Brown Sugar with Flax (Lifestyle Selections). YUM. Now, bed time!

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