Airport update

Even though my friends can attest to my awful iPad typing skills, I feel like I have a prime opportunity to get into the blogging here! I will fix typos eventually but it’s really the thought that counts, right?

Sorry for the hiatus. To honest, things have been pretty wacky lately…

– Philadelphia: the weather for Sunday was looking iffy so when we arrived on Friday night, we decided to do a ride just over the state border in delaware called “conquer the hills”. We chose a 100km route so that if it was sunny we could still do the fondo on Sunday! It was an awesome ride with lots if amazing cyclists…people who ride in those hills are lucky and coming home to flat Ontario has been a little depressing!

– family: My grandma, who happens to live on the other side of Pennsylvania, got taken to the hospital late last week. Thanks to a very kind friend who I was staying with in Pennsylvania, I got a ride to meet my mom halfway there and got to spend a few days without jeer. We thought the worst but she has actually improved a lot and she just got moved to a different section of the hospital with hopes that she will get to go home after all some day! As sad as it was and scary, it brought the family together. Life is short…

– e.d.: it wouldn’t be worth it to blog if I wasn’t going to be honest. I’ve had some rough days, tempted to restrict and then overeating. I’ve found myself eating extra trail mix here, extra pretzels there and I realize fate yanking to my dietitian that it’s likely because I feel guilty for having these foods in the first place. I’ve had to get rid of more jeans but I’m looking at it as a step towards health and remember that what I really want todo is to be healthy, which has nothing to do with my jeans or my weight and everything to do with how I’m eating, looking at exercise, and livi my life.

– goals: For a while there, I felt like I lost sight of what i wanted to do. Lucky for me, goal setting at work reignited my passion and I realize again that I need to move forward. Even though September is busy, I’m going to keep writing and I am trying to plan out a day or two to volunteer at the gazette. I miss writing and I miss the people and I know that even though I’m busy already, it’s important to be busy with the right things!

There’s a little update…more to come! I’ve been reading about all the bloggers whose blogs i love who are at the healthy living summit (link) this weekend and wishing I could get my blog consistent!


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