Tecumseh Triathlon

This weekend was my second triathlon! I have to say, my pre-race week was tiring, busy, and less than ideal. I listened to a Race Week Strategies podcast (it’s free to download—do it!) and basically my week was the polar opposite of what the coach recommends! I had a killer calf cramp (FYI, drinking pickle juice doesn’t help) that lasted all the way to the race. My plan to sleep at my sister’s place in Windsor got thrown off so I ended up relying on a friend from tri club at Western – thank God for her family and her being so generous and letting me stay there, but I am allergic to cats and had itchy eyes after my sleep, got in late, and just was thrown off.  I should stop complaining, but it just was not ideal.  Entirely my own fault, I also got into some overeating (cookies—I tried to ‘let’ myself have some but ended up feeling guilty and then getting into an overeating cycle and then ended up feeling sick to my stomach and on the verge of relapse…this isn’t something I really wanted to admit, which is kind of why it’s taken so long for these updates).  It baffles me that I would slip so far…

The race itself got better as it went. I had fun talking to the other women racing (I love that about the sport) and the swim felt pretty good, calf cramp and all. I swam a little off course, ran into one of the kayaks (a friend teased that it must have been because I was swimming so lightning fast but in reality t was very close to the buoy and someone was ‘resting’ on it and my sighting skills suck), but felt alright for the 800m (which was shallow and warm—no wetsuit!).


The bike was an out and back course that we had to do twice. Riding out was fine, riding in was windy! I didn’t have my odometer or Garmin on my bike, nor was I wearing my heart rate monitor, so I was really not sure where I was at, I just rode hard and tried to save a little bit for the run! Running was hot but my legs felt good. I didn’t feel very fast and I got a cramp, but no injuries were bothering me for once! I chatted with people along the way so I know I could have gone faster.

I ended up second in my age category, but all of my times were kind of mediocre. None stood out as very good and none were really bad. I would have like to go a little faster in each, to be honest, but given the nature of the night before, I can’t complain. I got to race and I am using these races as learning experiences, not to mention I like the finish line picture from this race!

Next up is this weekend’s Philadelphia Gran Fondo, but there is a 100% (or 90% depending on where you look) chance of rain on Sunday so I’m kind of worried we’re going to be making a 10 hour road trip for nothing (except the bonding experience, I guess? goodbye vacay days, though). Anyone know an anti-rain dance?



How do you deal with a mediocre event?
Do you have a go to pre-race dinner, sleeping routine, morning routine, etc.? What is it?
Do you race with a heart rate monitor, odometer, etc.?
Do you talk during races?


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