Some inspiration…

Last post for the day (maybe not posting for a week can be made up for with three posts in one hour?), I promise! I should be asleep—early ride tomorrow—but I feel like I needed to get on here and I needed to get in some positive:

  • the Today Show (my fave!) did a story about this 61 year old woman who is swimming across the Gulf – seriously making my 2500m swim workout today (which was awesome, by the way) seem pathetic
  • I’m friends with Meghann from Meals and Miles (probably my fave blog right now—she’s training for her first half Ironman!) on dailymile – add me as a friend/training buddy! (you’ll also get to keep track of your training—I am glad that I use daily mile because every other strategy or journal or program I’ve tried I’ve given up on, but getting them onto daily mile is fun especially since you can link it to your twitter, facebook, etc. to show off to your friends a little!)
  • I’ve been getting some comments from people who are going to do Try-a-Tris or just are excited about working out again and they’re saying thanks for the inspiration
  • I’m addicted to Extra Desserts Delight Gum and I went to the states on Monday so I am officially stocked up on gum (and granola bars—crunchy clif bars, kashi bars, and some nature valley ones too! snacks, anyone?)
  • I rode my heavy bike today – the seat is way off (too far forward) and it feels like a monster, but I made it the 5 minute ride to the rec centre today (we were planning on swimming outside which is a further ride, but it was threatening to storm so we played it safe) and home without problems AND no one stole it even though I don’t know how to lock it up right!
  • my bffaeaeaeaeae (best friend forever, always eating always eating always eating…don’t ask) visited with me this weekend and she has her own blog where she writes about whatever she’s feelin’! she loves quotes as much as i do and has sweet motivational pics on her facebook…here’s a sampling:






The last one is my mantra for the month (I just decided). I want to get better/move forward, so I need to trust that this time things can be different! NOW I can go to bed, on a happy note!

Do you think I could make it as a host on the Today Show? The answer is yes…
Do you use dailymile?
Do you keep a training diary?
What’s your favorite gum?
Do you like granola bars?
Do you like shopping in the states?
How do you cheer yourself up?


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