A series of events…

This morning started off EARLY. Like, 5:00am early.  I tend to get into cycles of waking up ridiculously early and not being able to get back to bed. I usually get up and am somewhat productive and this tends to happen when I’m feeling overwhelmed (i.e. during exams, right now, etc.).  Anyways, I got some work done before the sun came up, had breakfast and a snack, and felt productive before most people were waking up.

To be honest, the sun didn’t really come up, but Sarah and Rachel and I had plans to head to Port Stanley for a little open water workout! Sarah and I drove in circles but after three u turns, we were at Rachel’s and ready to go! We made it to the beach to be greeted by waves that looked a little intimidating. We drove across the city to the other quiet beach but it was even worse wave-wise, so we headed back to the first one.  We went up to the water and realized that swimming would be stupid and dangerous.  We splashed around a little (not going to lie, I just wanted to pee) and then drove back to London, a littttttle bit frustrated! 

After snacks (third breakfast for me), we killed some time.  Sarah did her first scratch ticket (BINGO—WINNER!), and then we swam at Thames.  Literally as I was finishing the last lap of my main set, there was thunder and we had to get out.  I lucked out that all I missed was the cool down, but it was pretty funny that after the morning open water fail our swim workouts would get interrupted even at the pool! Sarah and I splashed in some puddles before we got into her car and kind of made the best of it…I figure the big swim just musn’t be meant to be for today! I’m nervous for this weekend and feeling a little bit anxious about swimming 800m with a LOT more people than there were at the race in Sarnia (which was also half the distance), but I’m reminding myself that it will take (hopefully) less than 20 minutes and that it’s shallow water.


Even though I am a little bit disappointed about ‘wasting’ the morning, I really am surprised at how okay I am with it.  So I didn`t get my `full` workout in.  So we wasted some gas and drove for two hours for `nothing`.  In the past, I think I (or maybe ED) would have flipped over this.  I`m realizing just how much it can bother me to have my plans ‘messed up’ but the fact that I am able to laugh about what was happening. To be honest, it was a pretty relaxing morning and I feel really proud of the fact that I’m cool with it.  For all the times I’ve put in an extra lap or two at the pool, I think I am okay to miss a couple today. For all the hours I’ve spent not doing work but telling myself that I should be, it feels much better to just have gone with the flow and let today play out.

This reminds me of a quote, naturally: “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”

In other news, August is a whirlwind:
-Tecumseh Triathlon this weekend
-Philly Gran Fondo next weekend – 108 miles here I come
-trip to BC with my dad and his girlfriend from the 21 to the 28
-staff training at the WSRC as soon as I get back
All of this plus working, trying to keep writing, training, and finding time for fun! Balance is my goal…come September I’ll be adding school and upping the wedding fun for my sister’s wedding so I’m thinking I am going to get extremely good at prioritizing! I’m also realizing why I might be losing sleep now…

Are you more productive in the morning or at night? Would you rather stay up or get up early to get things done?
Do you get frustrated if you can’t finish a workout?
What’s your favorite ‘lazy’ way to spend your time?
When’s the last time you played in the rain?
Do you ever feel excited but overwhelmed for a busy month or week or year? How do you calm yourself down?


One response to “A series of events…

  1. Hey! I’m a total morning person too. During school, I’d always go to bed early and wake up early to finish assignments (nothing like last minute fun). At least you were productive. 🙂

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