Hi ho, hi ho…

SOON it will be off to work I go!

Yesterday I ended up working…the shift went by REALLY fast and I went to the gym after. Turns out I wrote down my workout wrong and didn’t give myself enough recovery time, but that happens. I did my spin workout and then had a 30 minute run (that I was supposed to do or not do based on my knee). I started it but about 10 minutes in I started to wonder about whether or not I should keep going—my legs were NOT happy. While it’s hard for me to cut work out short, this is all part of that ‘training’ vs. ‘working out’ distinction I’m getting so familiar with! I cut the run short, did a few minutes on the elliptical, and then moved on to stretching. After a shower and leftovers for dinner (they were even better cold), I went to Kiwi Kraze for a REALLY good bowl of fro yo. My new fave toppings: skor bar, nuts, and a little bit of hot fudge! I ate it too fast to get a picture (my bad).

Today has gone by really quick! I did some chores around my apartment, including building the shelves that are taking the place of the disaster of a shelf situation I had for my cookbooks. I felt productive and then I went to the pool and did my whole swim workout (2500m, with plenty of kicking) even though I was nervous about my persistent calf cramp (I’m gonna drink pickle juice if it doesn’t go away soon, gross but it’s supposed to work!). I didn’t have anyone to swim with today so it was a little lonely, but I’m sure I’ll be back training with friends next week! I am also looking forward to a swim lesson (yay!) with Lenore next week. She’s an inspiration and I hope she can teach me, because swimming with poor technique is only going to take me so far and I’d much rather catch my bad habits NOW before I get really used to them.


Can you believe I had to buy two? The first one I bought and took out of the box, swearing that there was 2 pieces missing. I think my brain was missing, but I built the second one I bought no problem (which is a miracle, usually I do something wrong and have parts upside down, etc.) and returned the other one to walmart today! My visa has extra credit on it now, so I’m going to go blow it somewhere at the mall before I work! Haha, I’m only kind of kidding! I also went to the bank today, cashed some paycheques I’ve been carrying around, and made some changes to my bank accounts (now that I’m working, I feel like I should start caring..).

I don’t work for a little so I will actually probably head to the mall a little bit early. I’m dressed in my running skirt, which I’ve yet to wear for a run…maybe Sunday?!

I swear I'm not trying to be provacative. Any tips for taking outfit pictures?!

I feel on top of things on my to do list (or maybe I’m just admitting that I won’t be getting much done in the hour I do have when I don’t really feel motivated). My latest article for bankrate.ca about a credit union specifically for those working in the creative arts in Canada just went live today! This is an amazing website to write for and it’s actually full of useful articles that I find myself reading through every now and again, usually when I get curious about something and then see a bunch about other things that are interesting/new to me!

I’ll work late and I’m hoping to get out on the roads for a ride tomorrow morning – hopefully with a friend I’ve not seen much in a while (hoping for good company, it makes the ride go so much faster and so much more enjoyably!). The weather doesn’t even look too sweaty…BONUS! This weekend is ribfest so I’m also kind of hoping that I make it down there after work…mmmmm…

Do you use your credit card a lot or try to avoid it?
Are you handy?
Do you prefer to work out on your own or with someone?
Have you ever had to re-learn how to do something (i.e. swim?)?
Would you wear a running skirt?


One response to “Hi ho, hi ho…

  1. No offense, but I’m not a fan of running skirts! lol Tennis skirts? Yes. But in my mind running = shorts.

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