I love rainy mornings…

Today is the perfect morning to be a little lazy (blog, read blogs like my friend Bee’s who writes an awesome one—Bee Goes Bananas—that she is finally sharing around the world of facebook so now I can share with you guys!, etc.) before I clean my apartment. I’ve got a call-in shift for work today, so if I work that will take up the afternoon and if not I’ll be plugging away at my campus rec work (I got a little bit of a plan together yesterday for what I need to do—a calendar with dates is definitely motivating so at my boss’s suggestion I started to put together a plan for the year!). I’m saving my workout for this afternoon (it’s an indoor ride/run if my knee is to it)—funny how things work out with the weather sometimes—in the hopes of getting rid of the calf cramp I got in the last 200m of my swim yesterday!  Funny that I read about calf cramps in “Cardio or Weights” book before bed. Here’s a link to an article featuring the guy who wrote the book that basically sums up what he wrote in the book (look at me, saving you money or a trip to the library!).

Yesterday was nearly the perfect day off…it started with a trip to the pool for 2700m (a longer swim than ever for me!). The workout was full of smaller sets so it went by pretty quickly. Luckily Lenore was there to remind me what sculling is and to help me remember how to do the ‘catch up’ drill that was confusing me when I read my workout for the day! I finished up the swim and headed to the weight room to do my quick (literally three exercise) strength training sets.  I want to be doing more in the weight room and by chance I came across this blog by a triathlon coach in the states that I think will give me some more ideas!

After my workout and a tasty lunch (repeat of the previous day’s turkey sandwich and apple), I headed to Sarnia to see my chiropractor. I brought Rachel and Nikki along for the ride and we planned a big beach day. The chiropractor said that my knee is likely en route to being better soon (phew!) and gave me the go ahead to listen to it but to keep training. Lakeside here I come! Feeling like I needed to show them the true Sarnia experience, we headed to the bridge to do what else but jump into the rushing river from dangerous heights. JK, it’s not that dangerous, and kids do it all the time!


After we jumped in a few times, we went to Canatara to lay on the beach. Rachel saved her swim workout for the open water and I wanted to practice some sighting in the lake so we donned our swim caps and got wet again.  I’m exaggerating when I say that I swam about 250m and Rachel about 25000000000000m!

rachel cheryl beach

It was a little dreary, but we killed the afternoon (I slept a little) and then came back to London around dinner time.  I brought back an old bike that I bought with big fat tires that feels heavier than anything I’d like to ride, but I want something to ride places where I could lock it up and not freak out about it getting stolen (though I’ve heard bad things about London for this).  I’m having some trouble getting the wheel back on, but that’s what youtube videos (or friends?) are for!

The drive back to London went a million times faster with these girls to keep me company. I felt bad for talking so much about triathlon, boys, etc. but I think a lot of the time we don’t realize that everyone feels like they’re talking about themselves too much (Rachel, Nikki, please PRIVATE message me if you want to call me a narcissist, etc. Winking smile). 

I was ravenous when I got home but I wanted to make the pasta dish I’d been dreaming of for days: penne, some kind of pesto, veggies, and chicken. I could hardly wait! I threw together whole grain pasta, PC blue menu chicken strips, artichoke/asiago tapenade (I think it’s made for chips, etc.?), spinach + mushrooms + onions, some spices, and a little extra asiago cheese. I blew my own mind…how long til dinner tonight so I can eat some leftovers?!
yum dinner


In other good news, I’m going to register for the Tecumseh Triathlon ASAP! I got the day off work – it’s an 800m swim, 30km bike, and 6km run – I’m moving up in the world of triathlon!

Now it’s time to get started on the cleaning list. I need that feeling of accomplishment that comes from the simple pleasure of having a clean apartment…I also need to do my laundry because I’m almost out of socks…

If you’re a runner/triathlete/cyclist, do you make sure to do specific training in the weight room?
Do you ever get calf cramps?
Do you lock your bike up at the mall, school, etc.? Any tips so I don’t get it stolen?
How often do you do laundry?


5 responses to “I love rainy mornings…

  1. Holla! I’m totally adding you to my blogroll as soon as I get home tonight! Froyo date soon! I get next week’s work schedule today. I’ll let you know when I’m free! 🙂

  2. Yay! I subscribe to your blog and enjoy it every morning along with my breakfast and my peanut butter fingers fix!!

  3. Your blog is amazing! Keep up the great posts, I really do find your honesty refreshing, and your fitness accomplishments inspire others that you may not even know personally!

    • Thanks so much — these are the kinds of comments that make em want to write even more than I already have the desire to (basically my blog is my diary, the only thing I don’t write about is my mostly non-existent love life!). Happy reading…

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