SO, I’m going to blog as though I haven’t been m i a for a week! Sorry guys!

Today was my day off, so I started it off with a brick workout, naturally!  I rode with a friend for about 50km and then did a nice, easy run off the bike! It was a beautiful morning, finally NOT uber sweaty, and the run didn’t bother my knee very much at all! Even though it was early, I made sure I had a hearty breakfast first!

trail mix/oats with peanut butter, blueberries, and banana!

After the run, the hungries came on strong so I had some chocolate mini wheats with vanilla soy milk — soooo good! I went to the dietitian, went for groceries (after snarfing a granola bar and grabbing a coffee, naturally), did some work on my writing/had a consultation on the phone with my coach (I’m hoping to do a race in Tecumseh (near Windsor) on August 7 if I can get the day off of work!), and then I went and had my hair done! The chlorine/sun have definitely hurt the colour more than I’d like and I am trying to get it dark enough so that I can just let it grow and save myself a lot of money in the long run! If you don’t dye your hair, don’t start! I went to a new hairdresser. She was pretty easy to talk to, but I’m not sure if I really clicked with her like I would want to. Hairdressers are tricky–they’re part therapist and part hair stylist!

the finished product! nice and dark again…note to self: no white towels or pillowcases for a while!

The day went quick with the hair appointment, but I made a go-to dinner (rice, goat cheese, chicken, spinach, cherries, almonds, and dried cranberries for something different in the mix!) and then I went to Life By Design with some other lemons for an intro — they’re a new studio we’re working with and I think it’s AWESOME! I was on the fence about going but I think I learned a few things (i.e. I need to work more on mobility, etc.) not only from the trainer there but also from some of the really knowledgeable, helpful people I work with and I am really glad I went! It’s fun to try new things, especially when the people you’re with are fun!

Nikki and I are dressed the same and managed to confuse even ourselves with our water bottles, etc. but she is definitely tanner! She's one of those instant friends (hoping she feels the same! haha) I'm so grateful for!

Nikki and I are dressed the same and managed to confuse even ourselves with our water bottles, etc. but she is definitely tanner! She's one of those instant friends (hoping she feels the same! haha) I'm so grateful for!Really good looking lemons...

After the class I popped into Walmart to get some stuff for my hair! The hairdresser suggested I put conditioner on it under my swim cap so I’m going to at least give it a shot tomorrow!  I had a snack (greek yogurt, chia seeds, coconut, and almonds—I ate it too fast to take a picture) and here I am. As for tomorrow, I’ve got plans to go for a swim in the morning and then do some work for Campus Rec here (I feel like a slacker) before I head to Sarnia for an appointment at the chiro! Rachel and Nikki are going to come with me! Rach wants to do her open water swim for the week, I’m gonna splash around, but I mostly just want to lay on the beach and get some sun. I’m looking forward to a relaxing, summery afternoon like you wouldn’t believe and excited to have company! Luckily my knee is not feeling too bad lately so I think things are en route to happy training! I’m registered for Lakeside–the Olympic distance race–on September 17. It’s time to start a countdown — 1500m swim here I come! It sounds so cheesy, but thank god for my job at lululemon and the goal planning they encourage us to do! I’ve always been setting goals but having something to be accountable to with my job makes it all the more motivating! Ironman here I come!
Compared with last week, this week is ridiculously good. I’m thanking the weather — it makes a difference when I can actually sleep — as well as the fun with people from work and the class challenge, etc.  When I was home for the night on Friday (I stayed with an old friend and I got to see some other friends, which was amazing), I felt homesick for London! This is new and a really good thing! I’m posting a different blog on the race itself, so don’t worry!
Also new and exciting–make sure you buy the August/September issue of Canadian Cycling Magazine and check out my article about caffeine and cycling!  You might as well subscribe…

My second article for this magazine...I love being a freelancer!

Do you dye your hair? When did you start?
Do you consider where your family lives home or do you feel like you’ve settled elsewhere for yourself?
What’s your favorite way to spend a summer day?

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