le tired

Whooohheee, I am ready for bed in my sort-of-kind-of-maybe (not worth 350 dollars) air conditioned bedroom! But I think I have just enough energy to check in…

Yesterday I stayed off my knee and swam. It felt pretty good to be outside, and I met a lady with an Ironman water bottle so you know I asked her where, when, etc. she’d raced! She said she’s done a couple and then she recommended a few races for first-time half IMs! I’m going to look into the Musselman Triathlon–it’s in New York about seven hours away I believe and it’s this weekend so starting a countdown would be easy (as a side note, we’re 160 days away from Christmas (I figured it out earlier, when I heard a Christmas in July commercial on the radio but I double checked with my fave online Christmas countdown just to be sure…PS I am a Christmas-a-holic)! Anyways, she is not racing right now but is getting back into the sport after an accident and going back to school, so we exchanged phone numbers and will hopefully ride some time! It’s amazing how friendly triathletes are!

I worked last night. The shift went by quickly and I learned some more things (every shift I seem to pick up on something new and I sometimes feel bad like I should have known, but then I remember I’m still new and learning). I felt a little weird not seeing Harry Potter on opening night, but I’m obviously hoping to see it ASAP!

I kept icing my knee and I decided that (and this is where I need to be totally honest) I would go to Sarnia for a bike ride, against my coach’s advice to adjust my long ride to just a 50 minute EZ spin. I emailed her out of desperation at the first sign of pain (I am so sick of injuries), so when I woke up this morning and it didn’t legitimately feel too bad I decided to take the drive to Sarnia to meet up with my friends, telling myself that I could always turn back after 30 minutes and just do the EZ ride as she suggested. When I got riding, my knee felt fine, so I went with it. Maybe it was riding with friends, the sunshine, or maybe it was a little bit of the bad voice in my head telling me that resting is wrong, but I went for it. No regrets, except that tonight it is bothering me again. Time for ice and definitely listening and skipping the long run that was originally on the schedule for tomorrow.  I’m hoping and trusting that it will get better with a few days of rest!

Kelly and I, waiting around after Pirt got a flat! No worries, he fixed it and we were on our way...

3Bs cyclists! We're not sure if it stands for biking, boozing, barbecuing, beach, beer, beef...the list goes on. Biking is definitely one of them! I opted to wear my lulu gear instead of the jersey (if you smelled it--I wore it Thursday--you'd know why!).

When we finished the ride, I showered and was starving (despite Gatorade, Clif Shot Bloks, and a bar on the ride plus breakfast before hand) . I tried to get a hold of my mother for lunch but it didn’t work out so I had chicken fingers and a salad at Loblaw’s before I drove back (it was delicious and I had a craving)! I dropped my bike off for a tune-up when I got back in London (all the more reason to rest–I can’t ride outside, not to mention it’s going to be UBER hot). I was on a mission to get my air conditioner installed so after some frustrations I managed to get it kind of working. For the reference, I bought a window unit for 150 dollars yesterday at Walmart and then realized I have a vertically sliding window and thus would need to make some kind of plexiglass or other form of filler to fill in the rest of the window (so not happening…how would I attach it?). I went back out and found a portable air conditioner (after reading online guides–Lowe’s and Home Depot were the most helpful) that I thought would work. The guy told me to buy duct tape to attach the hose outlet (can you tell I’m still confused by the terminology?) so I went for it. Today when I got home and tried to do it it was a little frustrating because I still ended up with a hole to fill.

What can I stuff this hole with?

I’m going very temporary and I used paper. Lots of duct tape and paper. I think cutting something with a saw seems to be the right solution, but I’m not there just yet.  I left it running while I went to work and it’s definitely cooler in the room, but not 350 dollars cooler. I’m not sure what to do. I’m giving it at least a night to see what happens!

my masterpiece

In other notes: I had dinner at 5pm today before work (before I was starving) because I knew I’d only have a short break and not long enough to get dinner. This is a win for me and something that was kind of tough! I also had a granola bar before I got home from work to try to prevent me from nibbling or bingeing. I am feeling a little bit hungry now but I know that I am allowed to have a snack. I don’t have any reason to binge!

Tomorrow is a yoga fundraiser at the JLC called YogaShack Gives Back! I can’t wait! I’m working in the afternoon and then was hoping to see Harry Potter but most of my friends have already seen it or are busy. Fail! I guess I’m going to have to play it by year! I’m looking forward to a rest day and again have my fingers crossed about my knee.

I’m off to bed/to ice this thing. I think there are some mini wheats in my future too! Night!

Are you a Harry Potter fan?
What does it take for you to feel like you ‘fit in’ at a job?  When do you stop feeling like the ‘new person’?
Do you have any suggestions for my air conditioner situation?
What’s your favorite bedtime snack?


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  1. by Pirt, do you mean David Pirt?

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