knee pain? since when!?!?!


I am frustrated (hence the caps). I have been sticking (mostly) to my training plan, sleeping plenty, trying to do all of the things I need to do to get my foot healthier…and it was working! I had a brick workout yesterday and I decided to do it inside…spin class and a treadmill run. Things felt awesome, even though the run was longer than normal (5 minutes EZ, 20 minutes moderate, 5 minutes EZ). I stretched after my run and felt fine…til about an hour later. I dare say I’ve never had knee pain before, even when I was 50 pounds heavier and started running. So I’m baffled.

I ran with my orthotics in. I’ve been doing a mix of running with or without them but when I’m worried I’ll be tired and my form will be compromised I tend to leave them in.  I haven’t run on a treadmill much, but I did run on one last week and felt okay. So I’m not sure if I can blame the treadmill for the pain or not..but I’m pretty sure I can blame it on the combination of running more, running on a treadmill, not stretching as much as I should lately, and running focusing on landing on my forefoot (which is good for the foot/ankle injury but is maybe leading to some kind of compensation).

It’s all very interesting. I have had “Born to Run” on my Sony Reader for months. I never really thought about running barefoot, but I did think about running in minimalist shoes and about how I never really was taught how to run and never really ran until I was 17, overweight, and out of shape (unless of course something was chasing me, or there was an ice cream truck…totally kidding!).

I decided to take it easy today and I did a swim this morning (at the outdoor pool again, working on my one-piece tan) and a yoga class instead of going to run club tonight.  I iced my knee a few times and am going to try some ibuprofen and more ice once I get home (I came to Starbucks to get out of the house), but I’m hesitant to decide what to do about tomorrow. I’m heading to Sarnia for a doctor’s appointment and was hoping to ride there in the afternoon. I’m not sure if biking will aggravate it, though, and I’m wondering if a rest day (unplanned) might not help nip this in the bud?

clearly thrilled about the fact that i'm icing my knee

much happier. maybe it was the retail therapy/hoodie on sale?

What do you guys think about barefoot running?
Has anyone else struggled with an injury that just keeps morphing from one to another? How do you recover?

Do you mind taking unplanned rest days?
Do you use retail therapy?


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