I need a boyfriend, or a clue…

I’m feeling a little desperate lately. And no, it’s not because I’m lonely and want some boy to come and save me and make things happy ever after (though seeing Monte Carlo–so cute–last night did kind of make me feel a little jealous of the happily ever after ending)…it has more to do with all of the things I would like help with and assume that testosterone makes easier.

a) hanging the shelf I’ve failed miserably with

It looks way worse in person...not only is it crooked, it's also not able to hold the fat stack of cookbooks that have now been sitting on my kitchen chairs all week! fail

b) dealing with the lack of air conditioning

I may or may not have had a breakdown (tears, snot, etc.) after reading the uber confusing/intimidating installation instructions in Canadian Tire.

Okay, so maybe since my list is only a and b and I’m actually not that bad off, I should relax. It’s just frustrating. I love living on my own and I don’t usually mind asking for help, but sometimes it’s tough! I asked my mother to help me with these and for whatever reason it’s gone on too long and it’s not coming. So I’ve felt like a failure. When I moved in to my apartment and had a million ikea things to build, I baked cupcakes and had friends (and their boyfriends) over to help me build it all. Every time I build something, it’s upside down. I’m not lying. I’m the kind of girl who needs help putting together a Kinder Surprise toy!

The lesson here is that I need to be willing to ask for help. It’s not that I’m lazy and want someone else to do these things for me, it’s that I legitimately need to learn how to do them. That’s a big difference: asking someone to teach or show you how to do something is very different from asking them to do it for you (not that asking someone to do something for you is always wrong or lazy, but you know what I mean here!). So…who is patient, has a drill, and some free time in the city of London? You don’t have to be single, male, or want to date me. ;)!

Did anyone teach you how to use power tools? I’m struggling here.
Do you like to do things for yourself or let someone else help you out?


3 responses to “I need a boyfriend, or a clue…

  1. Bahaha, this post is both funny and easily empathetic for me. Neither is terribly hard but requires a certain amount of dexterity (certainly for B) and tools (for A). I am sure you will find such help in very little time; in the mean time, find a level table with bookends for the cook books.

  2. Thanks eaton. I think I might find a preassembled table. Or try online dating. Jokes!

  3. Gone through the three or four blogs after this. You write very well.
    As for A/C, if you live in a flat, you should be able to approach your super to assist you in installation. Old farts like that love to have a young girl like you shadow what they are doing.

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