day off!

“Believe in your dreams and they may come true; believe in yourself and they will come true.”

I’m starting the day with this in mind! I’ve said before that I have anxiety when it comes to days off, but I’ve got a plan for the day and I’ll worry about the evening when I get there (preferrably seeking something with air conditioning):

  • workout: I have a 75 minute bike and a 30 minute run off the bike on my training plan. I am going to do a spin class (I feel bad doing my own intervals, but it’s dark in the room anyways and I love the music, energy, and people at the spin classes at The Athletic Club) and then use the treadmill today. It’s really humid out and even though it’s less windy than the weather said it would be when I planned to go inside, I’m stickin’ to my guns!
  • air conditioner: I am on a hunt.
  • mission buy a pull buoy: Yes, I’m a hardcore swimmer.
  • bank: money money money money, MONEY! My debit card’s not working. EEEK! I’ve got paycheques to cash! WHOOOH!
  • writing: I’ve got lots of little things I would like to get off the daunting to-do list!

I’m dressed and ready for the gym in my lulu outfit that matches my bike (I know, I’m pathetic. I’m okay with it!).


I've got this year's cycle shorts on (fairly certain they're sold out) and the light it up tank, which is awesome! and yes, that's my workout written on my hand (if I sweat it off, it means I get to do whatever I want, right? ha ha)


We’re into the class challenge with work. There are points for the classes we go to at our affiliate studios and for things like getting pictures with the instructor, going in bigger groups, etc.


July class challenge! so cute..

I’m finding it’s helpful to remind myself that doing more is not better. Next week is a recovery week as I taper for the race (if I get it off work, of course) so doing a bajillion classes would be counterproductive.  Finding ways to fit them into a balanced schedule is a challenge but I am obviously going to rise to it! I love classes and I love that the class challenge gets us out into the community and having fun, but even at the start of the challenge work said to make sure to keep balance in mind. Sticking to the lululemon manifesto after all! The FAQ section on the lulu site says:

What is the lululemon manifesto? The lululemon manifesto is our “truth check” and inspiration. It’s a series of statements that we believe embody our company’s vision, culture and beliefs. We integrate the manifesto in all aspects of our work, including our vision to provide components for people to live longer, healthier and more fun lives. We believe it’s important to maintain balance between work, rest, and personal activities: to take time out for a coffee break with your best bud and go for walks on the beach (if the beach isn’t close by – choose an alternative!)
Yayyyyy, Chip Wilson!


Do you have an air conditioner in your apartment? Do you think it’s worth it to buy one when I don’t know if I’ll be here for many summers?
How do you stay balanced?
Do you do fitness classes? What’s the best part?
What’s the best new class you’ve tried lately? Any thoughts on ZUMBA?!


3 responses to “day off!

  1. I want to work at Lulu! I’m honestly so jealous. I love them!

    Also, I tried Zumba and didn’t really like it. I have been planning on going again (with a different instructor) to see if it was just a bad class. The one I went to had about 100 people in it! A bit too much for me.

    P.S. For some reason I can comment again from work. Perfect!

    • Glad you can use commenting again at work!

      I don’t know if I’d like Zumba because I get the feeling it’d be like step…me worrying so much about not making myself into a fool that I don’t get a workout (or maybe I just dint realize it?). We will see!

  2. I dated someone who worked at Goodlife and taught various classes. When zumba came out, many of teh instructors just grumbled…

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