This weekend has flown by!

Sunfest was a fun little afternoon activity for yesterday…the weather was gorgeous, there was nine million choices for food (I ate lunch before hand, and was kind of glad that I didn’t have to make a choice from all the options), and it was just nice to get out for the afternoon. After Sunfest, I went to the gym and did the strength workout (literally less than 20 minutes to do) I missed on Friday before heading to work.

Work was dead last night! I think a lot of people must have been at Sunfest, or maybe it’s just summer and people are at their cottages. Again, it’s a very Canadian thing to do to have a cottage and I wish I was in on this part of the Canuck lifestyle. Maybe I can marry a Canadian, get my dual citizenship, and inherit a family cottage all in one go?

After work last night, I popped by a pre-drink to wish a girl from work a happy birthday! When they went downtown, I went home. I was exhausted, starving, and ready for bed. I ate a ceasar salad (which is what I had for dinner, with extra chicken and croutons) with too many croutons (Ed? again?) and went to bed feeling a little stuffed. I know it was the long ride catching up with me and that having a lighter dinner was a stupid idea, but I needed to live and learn.

Live and learn I did.  People say that they appreciate the honesty of my blog, but this might get too honest, so I’ll just put it this way: don’t eat a crapload (joke intended) of fibre the night before you’re planning a long run.I woke up this morning, had a granola bar (I was not feeling hungry, but gross from the croutons before bed — urgh, but I knew a long run on empty wouldn’t make me happy) and headed to run club! There were people running 5km, 8.5km, and 17km…nothing really for my 1 hour run. Luckily they’re friendly and told me I could do the 8.5 and add on, which I did. After a short loop around Masonville, there was only one place I could add on: the bathroom! As if a cruel joke, the close ones were under renovation, the ones they sent me to were closed for cleaning, and it took me another 5 minutes to find the handicapped one that was actually open! Again, I have this strange need to learn everything the hard way. Last night/this morning was no exception.

After the run to the bathroom, I chatted with some of the people from the run club (they were all really friendly and I’ll definitely try to make it out again) and went to grab a few groceries (I was still definitely far from hungry). I got fresh berries so I made a different breakfast again (score 1 for me!).

post long run breakfast ... oats/flaxseed/spelt flakes/trail mix + berries + peanut butter ... can it be tomorrow morning so I can eat this again!?

I worked again today, but it was much busier so the time went faster. I love my job, I love my job, I love my job! Happy people shopping, happy people working, and happy Cheryl! I also talked to our store’s run ambassador about writing for his website, Runners Feed. I’d bookmarked the site to pitch a story or two to so this is good — now that I’m starting to feel settled in London (even though I’m learning that the life of a freelancer means you’ll always have a to-do list that you could be working on…also that you don’t have to do it all today and that prioritizing is key to sanity), the timing couldn’t have been better. I’ll keep you posted on developments!

After work, I cleaned my apartment and made a crazy good dinner. I used a PC Blue Menu Thin Pizza Crust, broccoli, my leftover turkey/mushrooms/onion, and some parmesan and asiago cheeses to make an oh-so-delicious pizza. I had a small salad with it and I am still full and smiling three hours later!

the fixings...

the finished result!

I am posting this from Starbucks in Chapters. I live here when I’m in school (“studying”, aka people watching and doing a little bit of school work here and there), but I’m finding that since I live alone, it just helps to get out and sit and do writing/blogging/whatever where there are other people around! Not to mention it’s a sauna in my apartment (see sweaty face picture below). And sadly, I seem to buy a lot of magazines because of it, but there are worse things. I have noticed my budget is going mostly to food, magazines, and lululemon. It’s a good life…

I just realized you can see the hanger from this new shirt (it was $15 ish at Sirens last week -- I've been so good not buying clothes but I gave in!).

All in all, I’m calling this weekend an awesome one full of lessons.

It’s time for me to get into the Triathlete magazine I bought!  Eat, live, breathe this stuff? Sure. “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.”

PS My coach killed the Ironman in Germany today! I think she was 8th place and it was her first pro debut, so go her. Someone to look up to for inspiration for sure.

Do you guys hang your shirts by those goofy hangers that always stick out when you actually wear the shirt/dress (Can you tell my opinion on the things?)?
What’s the best random dinner you’ve ever thrown together?
Do you prefer to follow a recipe or just wing it?
Did you go to Sunfest?
Do you have air conditioning in your student housing (wanna let me move in for July and August?)?



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