Saturday start…

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That’s my ride info off the Garmin for today’s group ride with Multisport Zone (or intended group ride with them, anyways). The group was going a little too slow and on a shorter ride than I wanted (my training plan called for a two hour ride) so I kept going straight when they turned back. Lucky for me, another rider wanted a longer/faster ride and came along.  We rode and thought we were doing a simple loop but turned out we did a bigger one than we thought we would and had to ask for directions…twice! No big deal. I might have gotten upset, but this guy was really positive about it and to be honest, the weather could not have been better, the roads were quiet, and only one dog chased us along the way (a friendly beast).

I got home, popped into Sunripe and bought some grapes (which I ate in the car — I think I was more thirsty than hungry), had my shower, and just snarfed a sandwich. I know if I don’t eat after I ride relatively soon, I will end up ravenous.  I may have overdone the grapes, but I need the sugar and even though eating before I’m starving is still weird for me, I did it. WIN!  Now I’m going to head down to Victoria Park for Sunfest.

I need to blog because I’m feeling pretty down on myself.  Yeah, I did something awesome last night and beat Ed.  Yeah, I had an amazing ride today.  Yeah, I get to work tonight and I love my job.  But I feel bad because I skipped a strength training work out yesterday (literally 15 minutes, 3 exercises x 2 sets each) because I was busy (swim, work, yoga, etc.) and then I literally JUST noticed that I was supposed to do a 20 minute transition run off of the long bike today.  I feel stupid for not checking my training schedule twice to be sure I was on track.  I emailed my coach, though, and I got the following words of encouragement: “You are doing great – you are getting most of your workouts in!  If you can get 80% in, I’m happy, and you’ve definitely been doing that.  So – stay positive, and stay on track.”  Apparently perfectionism loses again! This coming from the woman who is about to debut as a pro at Ironman Germany (no big deal, right?).

So, I’m moving on.  I rode extra time today anyways and I did a brick workout earlier this week.  I’ve got two weeks til my triathlon debut (provided I get the morning off of work!), and I keep thinking about how I’m going to lose. It shouldn’t matter and it doesn’t matter how I do, what’s important is that I get started somewhere.  I know rationally that I’m not going to lose. The swim is so short and I’m not a slow biker or runner. I’m just also not confident, apparently.

It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.” (Author Unknown)

Does anyone have tips for building pre-race confidence?
Do you sign up for races ahead of time or wait and register close to the date?
Do you think about whether or not you’ll win or place in races?
What’s your favorite post-ride/run/workout snack or meal?
How do you get pumped up for a race?


2 responses to “Saturday start…

  1. I am most definitely in the same boat for the lack of confidence going in to this race. But I just keep telling myself that I have to start somewhere and that there is no better way then to just do it. There is never going to be a perfect time to so why not let it be now. I have no intentions of winning or even placing; right now I will be happy with not dying in the swim…literally.
    But as my Grandma always says… “Keep your pecker up” … she’s from England .. it means “keep your spirits up” or at least I’m assuming that’s what she means when she says it….

    ps .. How was sunfest? Craziness hey!?

    • Sarah, I’m not sure what Iw as thinking going to Sunfest with a full tummy! Next year you and me are going and it’s gotta be BEFORE lunch, okay?

      I think you’re gonna own this race, just sayin.. ❤

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