My day wasn’t all crap and overcoming said crap.

My swim went well:

  • the goggles rocked
  • Rachel shared her pull buoy so I could stick to the workout as planned
  • I swam 100m further than my last workout which means I swam further than ever before
  • no calf cramps
  • I love being outside!

I actually love having someone to work out alongside. Last time I swam, Sarah was there and did my work out with me! This time, Rachel swam in the fast lane while I did my thing alongside her. Life and training is definitely good.

we are really cute, she is really fast, and I am really determined to be a swimmer!

Work was also good! When I say I love my job, I mean loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my job.

I had a yummy snack this afternoon (unlike yesterday, where I snarfed too much and had far too many peanut butter fingers <– another bad habit, urgh) that was just right for pre-yoga.

berries are the bomb, especially this time of year!

I was determined to make it to the class because we asked Leann to be an ambassador for this year! SO EXCITING. We even got it on video! If you’re not sure what I mean when I say ambassador, check out the cool things lululemon does in the community (not just the ambassador program by any means!). Did I mention I love working for this company?

I have so much to be happy about. It’s baffling to me that Ed could try to get to me TODAY. I know it has to do with all of the changes, even though all of the changes are things that I am BEYOND excited for. I’m thinking of a few quotes here:


What’s your favorite motivational quote?
Do you like to work out with a partner? Same workout or different?
How do you stay sane when big things are changing (i.e. graduating from school? getting a new job? moving?)



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