Changes are a comin’…

“The only thing that is constant in life is change.” 

This quote is a nice reminder right now. I start my real shifts at lululemon this week (uber excited!), my childhood house is officially sold on the 30th (where the heck did June go?), and I’m trying to move towards a bunch of new, healthy habits with my training and nutrition.  Change is good, change is good, change is good.

I’m also going to change the way I blog (I think). I still feel like random posts with what I had for breakfast (wowzer, how long til I get up tomorrow and do it again?) lunch (check out my delish leftovers from last night) and dinner (um, yum!) will come around when I have the time, but I don’t see that happening that much.  My to-do list is daunting and I never want blogging to feel like a chore!

Breakfast before yoga…Kashi golden goodness (?) cereal with fibre 1 cereal, plain yogurt, walnuts, banana, and cherries!
last night’s dinner/today’s lunch…brown/wild rice with spinach, chicken, and trail mix (the only thing missing is goat cheese)!

dinner...leftover steak, mushrooms, onion, and garlic with salad topped with goat cheese and some good old roasted potatoes for carbs!

I had my last classes at Sarnia Yoga today 😦 and then I hung around Sarnia for a while before I had coffee with my mom and came back to London! I got groceries, hummed and ha’ed about going to the gym (decided not to — tomorrow should be a big day and I want to be well rested, plus I’m just super tired right now), and went to the book store. I picked up an organizer for my receipts/spending (I think I have a shopping problem, and I want to tackle it and figure out how to pay for my own things now that I am working)! I cleaned my fridge and organized things because I bought a bunch of dried fruit and nuts and such (I’m going to try making my own granola bars tomorrow if I have time!). I also got some kale that I hope to whip into something exciting! I’m on a trying new foods kick (Ed can suck it).
What’s the best ‘healthy’ food you’ve tried lately?
Do you keep track of your spending?
When did you start paying your own bills instead of relying on your parents (if you’ve ‘grown up’)?
Do you make lists? What for?



2 responses to “Changes are a comin’…

  1. You go girl! ED CAN suck it 🙂 You are doing so well! Tell us what you do with the kale. I have chia seeds soaking in my fridge for tomorrow morning breaky! SO PUMPED

    • Meghan I didn’t finish my veggies for the first time in forever tonight. I think I failed with the kale — I tried sauteeing it with spices, olive oil, vinegar (seems fool proof). I even added margarine after to try to make it better, and salt. No dice. I usually try a failed food over again — maybe making chips? How do you like it?

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