iPad blogging…brief update!

Lots to get caught up on…but most important of these is sleep this will be brief!
This morning I went to a friend (best friend in the entire whole wide world)’s gramdma’s visitation.  Sad start to the day. She is so strong though and in my thoughts….
This afternoon I spent a few hours at Absolute Endurance.  I met with my coach and started to firm up my training plans.  Then she spent a good deal of time doing functional tests (leaving nadda time for fitness tests) to figure out how to get me running healthy! All good and I loved the attention, to be honest! As a bonus with the start up, you get a 30 minute massage. If I was in Toronto I’d be sold on the massage therapist….she was very coolant more importantly knowledgeable and good at what she does!  Then the day wrapped up with a nutrition meeting which in had to take a step back and think about.  Without letting Ed come into the picture, I did see some patterns and habits that I already know are less than ideal.  The nutritionist (not dietitian, so I’m cautious) had her own outlook on things but did offer some good solutions/alTernatives/backing to what I’m already thinking about. I go to my dietitian next week so i may discuss some things with her that are or aren’t working for me as is! Don’t worry though, there will be no drastic changes for me.  I did eat outside of the box tonight though….I’ll post the picture when I have a computer (this is my first iPad blog and I am wondering if there’s an app to make easier and also seriously considering buying the key board for this thing):  brown/wild rice, chicken, cherries, spinach, and trail mix. So good! It needed goat cheese or feta (Loblaws had random samples tonight).
Tomorrow I’m teaching my last Friday yogas (holy, June flew by!) which means it’s officially bedtime! Night.        


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