Helllllooo weekend! Hard to believe it’s already Saturday night. I’ve got no shame admitting I’m in my jammies at 9:30 on the weekend. I wish I had been here at 7 instead! I might have used the time to tackle the list of things I’d like to write…

Today was busy (surprising, eh?). I was up earlier than I planned and it ended up being a good thing! Thinking I’d have time to dilly dally (i.e. I had a leisurely breakfast and watched the news, relaxing), I got a call at 8:30 asking if I could make it in for 11:00 in Toronto instead of 12:00! Eeek! I said sure even though I really wasn’t sure. Turns out I only needed ONE pit stop and I made it to Absolute Endurance for my swim stoke analysis early.

plain yogurt mixed with instant coffee (java flavoured!) + Fibre 1 + corn bran squares + banana

The place was really cool — they have a bunch of computrainers for their cycle classes. There was a woman there at 10:30 who had been there since 5:00am training for her Ironman.  That’s crazy dedication, but she was very friendly (and was wearing a lululemon top that I have so we bonded instantly).  They also have a bunch of treadmills and standard gym equipment plus the endless pool that I was so intimidated by!  Once I was in it, though, I realized how cool it is, kind of like the first time you use a manual treadmill and you realize it’s not so scary but just plain old awesome after all!  I really liked the girl who did my swim stroke analysis and she emailed me the drills and points that we went over.  I think it was the most I’ve learned in an hour in a long long time and the one on one was awesome, so if you’re trying to decide whether or not it would be worth it for you, my advice is YES!

After I hung around for a little and chatted with the woman at the desk there (she’s uber friendly and even said she’d put the article in Canadian Cycling Magazine up on their wall with pics and such of their other athletes when I showed it to her — they’re subscribers so I couldn’t NOT show it!), I was starving. I drove past Yorkdale on my way in so I decided to go there for lunch. I ate at Cultures but I noticed a better looking cafe–next time! I plan on going back for another swim lesson so I’ve got a plan now!

good bread, one measly slice of roast beef, and a ceasar salad!

Even without a ‘real workout’ and with sitting for the drive both ways, I was ravenous! I had lots of snacks today–granola bars, an apple, trail mix, and a bunch of berries I really didn’t mean to eat! I made a good dinner even though I quite nearly was too hungry to wait (the berries helped). Sometimes I realize that I’m getting hungry and other times (like today) it comes on way too fast! A goal is definitely to get in touch with hungry vs. starving and to make sure that I get to a point where I feel okay starting to cook before I’m actually ready to eat! This will save me lots of frustration, I think!

spaghetti squash, brussel sprouts, ground turkey, onion, cheese, and margarine! yummmmm!

Anyways, I’m ready to relax! I’ve got a new magazine to read and I’ve got an early morning tomorrow for the race in Sarnia! Update on the toe is not ideal–it still REALLY hurts to wear shoes. That’s okay. I have a new pair of shorts to help ease the pain…

Do you ever get excited for a workout just because you have something new to wear? Do you ever buy something to motivate yourself?
Do you like to cook? Do you wait til you’re hungry or just go for it?
Did you take swimming lessons when you were a kid?  (
I quit when they made us dive — woops!)
Do you shop alone?
(My answer is yes. No shame. But today I realized that I would have liked some company!)
Are you celebrating Father’s Day with your dad?

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