Hi all!

This is going to be quick blog because I am wipedddd and just want some Cheryl time! I’m finding that more and more I need to sit down and not be wired in (i.e. I want to throw my blackberry off my balcony) and that there’s less and less me time lately.

Today was good from the beginning. 6am spin went well and I remember why I liked the classes so much before. I couldn’t remember what to eat but I think I did okay — yogurt and a few almonds before (at 5:30am, this is enough!) and then a big breakfast after to tide me over! I still needed snacks (banana, granola bars) to make it to lunch but I did pretty well.  I went to Sarnia and taught two yoga classes, had my car washed, and then drove right back (sorry ozone layer) all before lunch and then had some time to think (i.e. stress) before I worked at 5. I was all flustered but I got my mind back on track and had fun tonight learning the ropes! So far this is the best. job. ever. and I’m not just saying that!

I just got home not too long ago and I’ve got plenty that I could do. I’ve also got a lot on my plate and I felt the urge to eat chocolate. Rather than feel guilty as I started to nibble, I decided to be proactive and I sat down with a pack of mini eggs that I’ve been saving (second last one!). I still ate other chocolate before (and even after) but this is FAR from the binges I’d have gone on before.  I still hear a voice saying “you shouldn’t have eaten that” but I can also tell that voice that it’s not a big deal.  Even overeating doesn’t need to upset me, but giving up on my recovery does!

fave when I need to stay full -- porridge oats (flaxseeds, etc.) with trail mix and almonds made with peanut butter and an apple (don't be stingy with the peanut butter)!

fave when I need to stay full -- porridge oats (flaxseeds, etc.) with trail mix and almonds made with peanut butter and an apple (don't be stingy with the peanut butter)!fave sandwich + creative fruit salad (berries, grapes, and a pear that I needed to eat asap)


Tomorrow I am off to Toronto to do my swim stroke analysis at Absolute Endurance.  I’m a little nervous for finding the place — I’m not a nervous driver but Toronto (okay, and London, and sometimes even Sarnia) confuses me! I’ve got google directions printed, my GPS should be ready to go in the car, and I will bring my iPad just in case! Better safe than sorry.  I’m going to come back to London afterwards and sleep here tomorrow and then early on Sunday I’ll head to Sarnia for the Boys’ Home 10k race I signed up for. I cut my toe open on Monday and I had full faith that it would be better by now (or at least by Sunday) but I am most definitely walking funny so it’s kind of up in the air whether or not I’ll be running. It wouldn’t be the first time I skip out on a race and don’t get my t shirt (Chicago half marathon last year — injury).

My A type personality is trying to tell me to come up with a plan, but I’m telling myself that it’s okay to play it by year.  Things will work out and I have to remind myself that all I can do is make a to do list and then try to do one thing at a time. Multi-tasking will get me nowhere!

Things I’ve realized: I need Cheryl time. I need to have enough time and energy left over to make my bed, do my dishes, keep my apartment clean, etc.  I need to have enough time and energy to call my friends and family and to be in a good mood with them.  I need to leave room for new things in my life.  I need to find ways that I am wasting my time (texting, BBM, facebook, wandering aimlessly) and to start using them more effectively or at least intending to use my time as free. aka I need to live on purpose!

If you find yourself feeling guilty for eating something ‘bad’, buying something you weren’t planning to, skipping a work out or maybe even taking a planned rest day, etc., what do you do?
Do you prefer GPS, mapquest, or a good old fashioned map when it comes to road trips?
What’s your favorite candy? Do you keep it around?
How do you ‘waste’ time? Do you mean to do it?