Wednesday … much better!

This morning I was up around 8 and somehow the morning rushed by–I spent a big part of it aimlessly surfing the internet (coming back to that whole how I spend my time issue with my goal setting) and I put a dent in the closet situation (still a mess, but no longer a disaster).   I had plans to go for a swim so I headed to the pool around 10:30 and swam for 45 minutes–a long time for me!  Whenever I get bored I just dream of that Ironman (okay, maybe I think about what I’m going to have for lunch or where I need to be later on in the day, but still)…

I had a nice lunch out with Bonnie (my best friend) and Bonnie (my mom) at Cafe One.  If you’re in London I’d recommend it because the boys who work there are cute, the food is good, it’s not that expensive, and it’s pretty fast! I love it, to be honest, and it’s not just because of the crush I have on the one cook.  It was too short and too sweet to see Bonnie for just a little but it’s better than nothing (if you’re reading this Bonnie, I think the Athletic Club is hiring personal trainers and I think that you would fit right in).

Here comes some more open-ness: after lunch, I had a session with my therapist.  I don’t go to her very often any more but she played a huge part in my recovery and I like to stay accountable, espcially with so many changes going on and me feeling “On the verge…”. I opened up about the crouton habit and the chocolate that I’ve been ‘sneaking’ (i.e. eating standing up, not giving myself permission to truly enjoy) and after a lot of discussion, she suggested that I could allow myself to have a bowl of croutons every night. The thought of it sounds almost funny and definitely not as appetizing.  She also suggested that I wait five minutes to do so.  I listen to her because she knows her stuff.  Tonight it wasn’t croutons for me, it was grapes.  I ate a bunch as I was driving home (they’re addictive), while I made dinner, and after dinner.  Finally I siad this is stupid and fixed a bowl, put it aside, and waited.  I still wanted them.  Be clear on this, it isn’t bad to end up eating them and it’s not bad to end up not eating them.  It doesn’t matter if they’re flaxseeds or whatever else you esteem to be the holy grail of nutritinal foods or if it’s Oreos that is getting you.  It’s not about the food.  So tonight I ate the grapes and was able to move on to bigger and better things (blogging). I have a feeling that if I keep this up, instead of beating myself up for ‘sneaking’ foods, I will get to a point where things just balance out. 

Back on track with the recap here, my mom and I did a little flower shopping today, and for about 20 dollars (dirt, pots, flowers, cute little butterfly lights that I have no way of hanging yet…), I started to make my balcony feel like home!

I’ve got two of these…don’t ask me what kind of flowers they are!
After Mom left, I fixed myself a healthy afternoon snack (trying to eat different things to get back on track) and then headed to Moksha for my Power class. It was a different instructor and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the guy who usually teaches, but the class was enjoyable! I mangled my toe the other day (the picture was too graphic) so that was annoying and something was really bothering me in my left wrist so I could have had a better class…hmmph!

apple + cottage cheese + all bran with cinnamon!

Dinner was exciting: I had these new PC Blue Menu Lentil Chips I wanted to try. They were goooooood! This fibre-filled dinner had peppers and zucchini and onion, a big tossed salad with hummus dressing (also PC but not Blue Menu), and chick peas. I am going to be so regular…


PS Note the new plates that I stole from the house while my Mom was packing them up! I love these things. I can officially host a dinner party now too — who’s in?

Now that I’ve just finished cooking up some pork chops that needed to be frozen or cooked, it’s time for me to go to bed. It’s nice knowing I have leftovers from tonight or another option for dinner waiting for me tomorrow…after work I’m hoping to get on the bike (if it’s raining, that means the spin bike). After a few days doing other things, I think I’m ready for the seat/my music/etc.  Before work I’d like to get some errands run and some chores (i.e. the closet situation) taken care of, but the nice thing is that the clothes/dust/writing assignments I’d like to get finished will still be there on Saturday when I feel like I’ll get a chance to catch my breath!

Where do you get ideas for new dinners?
Do you like to cook for yourself or is it hard for you to cook for one?
Do you plan your meals ahead or just wing it?
Anyone know anything about container gardens — can I grow tomatoes on my balcony?
Is your closet organized or is one of those organized messes that only you can understand? Any tips for someone who wants to get things under control?!
Do you like to have something sweet after lunch or dinner? What’s your favourite thing to have?


8 responses to “Wednesday … much better!

  1. Oh Cheryl, I totally know what you are talking about – those Cafe One guys… CUTE!

  2. I love reading your posts!

    I plan all of my meals ahead so that I only have to go to the grocery store once a week. Saves money and time.

    • you’re smart! I did this consistnetly for a while but I like to go once in the middle of the week to refresh so I’ve learned to buy a little less and just pop in again…working for me right now!

  3. jenna circelli

    Loved this !! 🙂
    I share many issues with you….my spare closest is a mess!!
    my office is a mess and I use my kitchen table as a desk and to eat meals off of!

  4. jenna circelli

    oh and where is cafe one? I should go check that place out…perhaps w you sometime?

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