Lagging in the gym + dreaming of auto-motivation…

This week is going really fast! The last two days have totally gotten away from me…yesterday I didn’t post because I went to the gym after a fun-filled day of training at lulu! I did a quick workout because I didn’t have much time:
10 minutes row / 15 minutes stair master / 20 minutes elliptical (I really dislike cardio machines and doing this affirmed that even more — we belong outside!) followed by two rounds of 1 minute each squats, lunges, pushups, plank/row, and dumbell swings

I spoke on the phone to the owner of a Toronto company that does swim, run, bike, triathlon, etc. coaching who I met over the weekend. The place is called Absolute Endurance and if I lived in Toronto I’d be a really easy sell.  Living here, I have some things to think about because it’s far from cheap. My goals are really to make the transition to swimming, to stay injury-free, and to eventually do an Ironman. I know right now that my training is all over the place and I know that with working two jobs, writing, and then fitting in teaching, things are only going to get crazier. There is a major part of me that would love to have a coach figure out how to fit all of this in and then me just have to go do it.  Even as a personal trainer/fitness instructor, figuring out a plan and then following it when YOU are the client is challenging. For me, fitting in flexibility, strength, and recovery are the hardest parts and doing workouts that make sense for my goals is tough. 

After the chit chat with the owner, I hussled home, snarfed my go to dinner of a sandwich and a big salad, ate far too many croutons once again, and then saw some of my friends who graduated yesterday (CONGRATS). Last night was a little sad with people going all different ways and me not being done (aka feeling a little bit pathetic) but a lot of people are coming back and I realize that circumstances are different for everyone (I shouldn’t beat myself up!).

Has anyone ever hired a coach? What was it like and would you recommend it?
Do you think amateur athletes spend too much money on their sports? Where else could they spend it?


One response to “Lagging in the gym + dreaming of auto-motivation…

  1. I just spent $75 on gels last night (bought some Clif ones – I’ll try them out this weekend), so yes, I sometimes feel like I spend too much on running, but then again, it keeps me busy and makes me happy. Anything else I spent my money on would hopefully do the same thing.

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