I want to go to sleep…

Mostly so that I can stop worrying about things, things being:
1) how a 6am spin class will feel if I don’t bail — it’s been a while!
2) how tired I am going to be by the end of the night tomorrow
3) what courses I am going to take in the fall
4) how busy I am going to be in the fall
5) all of the things I’d like to have time to write
6) all of the classes I’d like to teach in the fall

…and I’m going to stop myself right there. My attitude that all of this is a problem is clearly  not helping me, nor is sitting awake worrying about this. I’ve done what I can (emailed my academic advisor to ask how I switch to part time status, printed the list of requirements to graduate, made a note to ask about availability asap, written a serious to do list for the next couple of weeks) and I think I need to leave it at that.  I can’t control anything except my attitude (cheesy, I know), so my goal now is to make sure that I’m looking at this list of things not as a “oh my gosh, how will they all fit?” but instead as a “I have so many possibilities — and choosing to focus less on something (i.e. writing more during the summer and less when  I am in courses, i.e. not teaching 4 classes a week this year, etc. might make me sad but I can’t think about this as ‘giving things up’).

How do you guys deal with stress over things that are far away (i.e. months ahead)?
Do you find it hard to leave things behind that you used to love (I’m thinking of violin lessons for myself, but maye a sport or other hobby)?
When you get worried that you’ve taken on too much, do you try and do it all or do you try to downsize before you get in too deep?


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