cute! true!

I love that lululemon has us set goals and I love that I am doing this all at a time of the year when you kind of otherwise get lazy on these kinds of things…summer is definitely a time for relaxing, but there’s something intense about the beginning of a new year that I LOVE because it forces you to look at where you were, are, and want to be and to actually do something about it to get you there.

The goal setting has made me look at the way I spend my time, money, and energy.  Though I feel like I’m in a much healthier place than I’ve ever been before, I still see patterns that I would like to change: i.e. stretching myself too thin, letting myself get way too hungry, eating the same ‘safe foods’ over and over again, etc.

I’m not going to give ya my entire life plan here but a few of the new goals I’ve added are:
-I do a headstand on my own by January 1, 2012.
-I swim 20 times by September 1.
-I write one published thing each week.
-I try one new food or recipe each week.
-I try one new restaurant each month.
-I write something every day.
-I run a 45 minute 10k by November 1, 2011.
-I compete in a triathlon with an open water swim by June 31, 2012.

…I still have I bike across the continent, I own my own home, I complete an Ironman race, and other bucket-list things on my list but I like these shorter-term goals to share with you because they’re new and exciting for me!

If you want a cool tool to help you out, check out lulu’s goaltender website! I love it (and I did before I got hired, so trust me on this one).

“Whatever the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve.”


What are some of your guys’ goals?
Do you make sure that you add a ‘due date’ or some kind of time line for yourself or do you think the pressure makes it too scary and actually is counter productive?
Do you think goals can ever be to ambitious?


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