…but today deserves a recap!

Here’s a quickie rundown of how my day looked:

I was going to sleep in, clean my apartment, go to work, and then go for a work out afterwards but when I got up a little earlier, ate my big delicious breakfast, and finished my disaster situation closet (I’m sleeping in my bed tonight — boooyah!), I decided to go for a run before work instead! It was an awesome run — I found the Thames Valley Parkway on this side of the river for the first time in four years. No wonder London didn’t start growing on me until I found this place (Springbank Park last year was another major discovery that came pathetically late in my London resindency!).

the messssa bed I can sleep in!


yogurt, apple, Fibre 1, Kashi GoLean Crunch, and dried mulberries


Work was fun fun — we learned so much about all the fabrics and awesome stuff about the products and culture, etc. I am loving the job more and more every day! We also got to try lots of things on so that we could actually speak from experience…fun!  I packed my lunch today but I tried a delicious creme caramel rooibos tea latte from David’s Tea (former fear food — bonus points for me).

my favorite buns ever (apple cranberry breakfast buns from Remark) with turkey and greens and light mayo + grapes

After work, I went to the bank, got some groceries and cleaning stuff I needed, made dinner, and found myself here. The days and nights are getting away from me…

classic: pork and salad with goat cheese and trail mix and poppyseed dressing with my yummy squash dish on the side!

Do you ever feel like the days are just disappearing?
When do you feel the best — when you’re so busy you’re not sure what day it is or when you have time to sit down and think things through?
When’s the last time you ran somewhere new?
Where’s your favorite place to run/bike/rollerblade/whatever it is you do?
How often do you shop?