Home sweet home…

Wowzers. I wrote a post last night on my ipad BUT I was having serious issues getting photos into it, spelling things right, etc. and then I ended up losing half of it. So I gave up…hmmph! It was mostly a recap of the day and now that I have the links to the results from the duathlon, which I won (the first time ever for me winning overall!) and to the pictures that I’m tagged in for the event!  I did it in 1:05:47, which was faster than ever for me on the runs (my second 3k was at 4:13 a km even with a shoe malfunction–a surprise for sure!) When you win you get to choose one to get the file for so I think I’ve made my decision after creeping myself for quite a while. A friend from the gym at UWO was there with her boyfriend for the tri and then there were a bunch of Western people volunteering so it was nice to know a few familiar faces. Carina (the friend from the gym) had herher camera so I’ve got some more pics too!

My first time winning overall!


I look pretty happy...cuz I was pretty stoked!


Carina and I after the raceI

Anyways, the race was awesome and the weather even cooperated. I had free chocolate milk after (they sponsor the race) and of course as much watermelon as I could handle and even a burger later on when I started to feel ravenous (as always). I had a massage from Absolute Endurance and the chiro who did it even adjusted my ‘bad’ foot (yanked on it really hard while I held onto the table, twice) and it hurt at the time but I think it might be back in place (I felt it go funny for the first time LAST February at crossfit one day)! We shall see. Anyways, I talked to the people from there about training and injury and doing Ironmans, etc. and I realized how badly I want to do it but how clueless I am, admittedly (even after getting personal training certifications and taking a degree in Kinesiology) about periodization and proper training and nutrition, etc. Besides how to swim, it’s becoming apparent I need to learn a whole lot if I want to be a success! 

After the race, I hustled home, got detoured once because of an accident (adding time onto a big driving day already), and showered/packed at turbo speed. The drive to Mount Pleasant was long, to put it lightly. About 4 hours plus pit stops and the time at the border (which wasn’t too bad). Lonely, but I have books on tape to get me through and Gaga if all else fails!

When I got the the hotel, Dave and Lori and Dina and I went to dinner at the Railway restuarant that we ate at two years ago and loved! I was craving a turkey club so with the help of the friendly waitress I came up with soemthing similar: a chicken breast with cheddar cheese on a ciabatta bun. I had a huge ceasar salad with it and felt good after! I was craving something sweet all night but we had nothing to help me out. I can’t believe how even a short race makes me hungry!  I was also realllly nervous about the next day and made sure I had my snacks and plenty of water.

I slept well but this morning my legs were feeling a little sore. I know I should have been thinking positive, but if you’d seen me going up the stairs you’d know that 58 miles at a race speed was going to be tough! The Tour de Mont Pleasant road race is long to begin with! The girls who ride in the cycling road races are sometimes on teams and have strategy — they’ll sprint and teammates will pull all of race so that their girls’ legs are fresh for the finish.  Today I had a goal of hanging on for as long as possible, finishing the ride (it would be my longest of the year), and of having a little fun. I think maybe I shouldn’t have been so preoccupied with hanging on, because I got dropped for the first time ever! What a humbling experience after winning yesterday and having people come up to me and tell me how strong my bike was.  At any rate, I kept biking and only wanted to ask for a ride 209 times. That’s an exaggeration, but it was windy.  At least I had my Garmin to be excited about and I ended up doing the 93km in just over 3 hours. (3:05 something to be exact, not bad at all, averaging over 30km/h on a long ride alone for most of the time)! I kept coming up to guys who were dropped from their races and trying to ride with them but they’d slow down too much so I gave up on that. I found a girl from MSU who was nice to ride with for the last 15km which was perfect because I think both of us were ready to give up! There was 11 minutes between the pack and us and if I’d known I was not that far off I might have pushed it. To be honest, I just wanted to get through. I ate a lot of gus and a bar and was drinking gatorade so I think my nutrition was good, my legs were tired, and my mental state was a little off. I was exhausted from the ride and just feeling like I was in a funk.  At any rate, riding that far and at a decent speed is an accomplishment!

Things I'd rather not eat for a while...

 After the ride, there was no time to shower, etc. so I drove home (alone, I lost my friends 😦 ) and had dinner with my mom. I stopped for directions and a snack, but I should have had lunch. I’m never hungry after a ride right away, so I just bought pretzels and cheese (a fave snack). I started out normally, having a decent amount of the pretzels, but I ate almost a whole bag (it’s not that bad, probably I had about 2 big/4 small servings) by the time I got home! Oh well. We had steak dinner and it was awesome. When I got back to London, I was feeling hungry still (and doubting that it was physical) so it took everything in me to stop eating croutons once I started. I think if anyone has any cracker suggestions that taste like croutons, I need to know. ASAP. Because my crouton-snacking habit is far from ideal! Anyways, I averted a binge by having a long-awaited and much-needed shower and finding some relaxation…

Fresh and clean after my long-awaited shower, wearing today’s free t shirt!
THIS I feel like sitting in…I love my papazan!
Diet hot chocolate mix…I added mine to a decaf coffee for a cafe mocha type treat!

…even though racing is fun, I think doing four races in seven days is a little too much. Sure the Bridge Race went well, Ciocaro on Thursday was motivating, Woodstock Duathlon was awesome, and even today turned out good…but that doesn’t mean I need to be Super Woman and do it all.  I get caught up in things quite often and end up stretching myself too thin. I think this is just another example of that.

Other indications I’m doing too much: I got really angry at inanimate objects today (my lotion that spilled, my file folder that I dropped, etc.); my urge to binge; my random cry-fest in the car on the way here, and the fact that I put off doing my dishes until I ran out of spoons.
Anyways, it comes as a wake up call yet again! Especially with a new job and new changes coming, I know now is a time when I can re-assess and look at what is working for me and what’s not! I know that I can’t keep up with all of the things I’m doing and sometimes I fear letting go of anything or not doing certain things will mean I’m giving up. This isn’t the truth! I need to remember that the only way I will have time for and room for the awesome things that I want to do is to give up some of the less-awesome or even awesome but routine things that I am doing right now. Fearing change will only keep me stuck and now it’s just a matter of figuring out where I want to go and how to get there. I’ve got some ideas, but that doesn’t help all that much until I get real about the things that matter to me (i.e. writing, work, some form of being physical, etc.) and the things that don’t (excessive amounts of time spent on facebook, too much shopping, blackberry time <– yes, I said it!). And the only way I’m going to be able to figure this out is to be real with myself (I have been listening to Dr. Phil on tape, if you were wondering)…facing things so that I can replace them with better things!
This is all exciting. Change is hard but good! And sometimes being at a low point is just a way to get ready to get to a higher point…
“All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.”
“When we feel stuck, going nowhere–even starting to slip backward–we may actually be backing up to get a running start.”
How do you guys know that you’ve got to much on your plate? How do you choose what to eliminate?
What do you do to relax?
How do you stop yourself from getting too emotional?
Do you ever just cry or am I the only one?

7 responses to “Home sweet home…

  1. Cheryl! Great work this past week! Since you asked such great questions, I feel obliged to answer. lol

    I often feel like I have too much on my plate. I am constantly taking on more and more until I reach a breaking point. I have gotten better over the past few months at saying no and trying to prioritize what is the most important, but I definitely still fall victim to over-committing.

    If anyone has an answer to the next 2 questions, I would really like to know, because I really don’t know how to relax.

    And yes. I “just cry” all the time. Probably once a month (and not coinciding with you-know-what).

    Keep it up. 🙂

    • Lauren! I’m glad you posted…

      I think over committing is a natural thing, especially when you’re in your twenties and not really sure what you want the most. Like you said, you can prioritize but I know for me that’s hard to do since I don’t know what I like, want, or need necessarily. It’s especially hard when it comes to running, biking, etc. events for me! What’s your fave? Around the Bay? I also wonder how you stay un-injured. I know I’m overdoing things or just not doing them properly because I always seem to be hurt. Do you follow a training plan or just wing it?

      I hope we figure all this out…I wanna be running marathons beside you when we’re in our 60s and to be able to look back and laugh about how we thought we had to try everything!

      • I’ve been fairly lucky I suppose – in terms of going uninjured. Training for my other runs (I’ve only done 2 half’s and the Around the Bay), I generally just did one long run a week and tried to work out 4 times during the rest of the week. For the marathon though, because I have more of a tough goal, I’m working from a plan I found online. If I start to feel pain, I’ll try to cut back a little. What have you been injuring?

        Don’t convert to running! Let me convert to duathlons/triathlons! lol

      • I have faith that you’d make an awesome multisport athlete. Have you swum? I’m going to try to switch over in the next year, but I’m not technicalllllly sound as a swimmer. I like it though, which is half the battle.

        When’s the race?

        I keep injuring my left leg / foot / ankle / hip. It’s ridiculous. Orthotics. Chiropractic. Rest. Physio. Massage. I think it has been over training and poor biomechanics maybe. I’m determined to be a runner though!

  2. I used to swim a fair amount at my cottage. From our cottage to the island across the way (0.5 km), but I’m pretty sure I have awful form.

    Niagara Falls Marathon – October 23rd – 19 weeks (but who’s counting!?) lol

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