Busy is better than bored…

I’m not sure if I heard someone say “busy is better than bored” or just thought it one day last month, but it’s definitely been my mantra lately! Today was a long (but good!) day.

This morning I tried to get my apartment organized a little bit more and I wrote up an article for the C Rec website about exercising outdoors (timely, with the smog advisories this week). It should be up soon and I will post the link ASAP!

Next I had an appointment at the dietitian. I’ve just started seeing a new one and I’m starting to feel comfortable. I think that’s really important–if you can’t be honest with someone who is there to help you, it’s not worth going! I really have been trying to stay conscious of my eating lately. Since I’m kind of in the in-between in so many ways, I know to be extra careful. Things I’m looking out for are thoughts like “it’s okay if I skip lunch, I had a big snack” or “now that I’ve had 5 M&Ms, I might as well have the whole bag”.  For me, I have to watch both ways: Ed (this is how I refer to my eating disorder, whatever it is, but making it ‘someone’ else makes me realize that listening to it is a choice and not a requirement) will try to convince me that whatever I’m doing is going to make me too fat, too skinny, too whatever (aka miserable). My job is to stay strong and remember that food is just food, if I overeat or undereat one day it’s not the end of the world, and to stay honest about how I’m doing! I’ve learned the hard way that pretending that everything is okay just makes things worse in the long run. I also find it helpful when I’m feeling old habits trying to creep in to go back to the books and websites that really helped me along the way (I think I need to dedicate a whole blog post to this, but Jenni Schaefer’s books, Sunny Sea Gold’s blog and book, and sites with inspirational quotes  really help me. That being said, so does focusing on what’s really bothering me and doing whatever I can to help alleviate the worries (you can’t solve everything, but doing something about the things that I can control usually helps me feel in control enough of my life in general that I don’t revert to my tendencies to control my food and exercise instead).  

…back to today! After the dietitian, I headed to Sarnia, ran some errands, and grabbed a quick lunch at Loblaw’s. I know it’s not smart to shop while I’m hungry so I figured I should be safe rather than sorry!

quick lunch at loblaw's
chicken wrap with light ceasar dressing
Eventually I made my way to Dave’s and we drove to Windsor. I raced the Ciociaro race — it’s a quick 40 minute race + 3 laps. Basically, you ride around a 1.2km track over and over again for the 40 minutes and then at the end there are three more laps (that’s where the sprints, etc. come).  It can be fun but nerve wracking. Tonight’s race was faster than the first one I did (six weeks ago) and I felt good! It’s almost like a spin class–there’s a hill on the track to make things interesting.  They also do a prime where you can win a prize if you are first in a random lap during the 40 minutes. I won a 20 dollar gift certificate for a bike shop in Windsor (I don’t even know where it is, but google maps does!) tonight and sadly lost the race itself. Still, a second place finish is fine (there are points for the series, which runs every other week) and I learned from my mistakes (sprinting too early and being on the wrong side of the pack at the end).
As fun as the race is, 2 hours of driving each way makes for a long day! I used my ipad most of the way down and I registered for the Tour de Mont Pleasant’s 58 mile road race on Sunday. Not only am I nervous because 58 miles is a long race (three hours of riding, nearly) but also because I’ll have sore legs from the sprint duathlon I’m doing in Woodstock on Saturday!  I’ve got a long drive after the race, but I’m remembering that I’m lucky to be able to do these events. I’m also anticipating busier weekends with less time for racing and maybe trying to cram as much in as possible.
The quote I’m living by today is: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  
Now I’m struggling to keep my eyes open as I munch on a bedtime snack (pretzels–yummy!). I’ve got back to back yoga to teach in the morning, a quick lunch date with my mom, and then a drive back to London/lululemon to look forward to tomorrow and then I’ll just be carbing up and resting for my big weekend (or maybe tackling some of the things on my ever-growing and always daunting to do list)!
How are you guys spending the weekend?
Would more questions mean more comments?
Anyone else have any tips on how to stay on track with recovery when things get tough?
Do you ever feel like you’re going to miss out if you don’t do everything? Anyone think I’m trying to do everything? Anyone wanna try and stop me?


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