For real this time…

If I got your attention before, I must have it now. Note to self: always double check links! Thanks to Chels for letting me know I made a boo boo…this time it’s for real, folks!

…are you coming?

I hope so, but relax, calm down, breathe, and meet me at my new blog: Happy is the new healthy.

I’ve loved loved loved blogging here, but I hope you’ll join me and move on to the new chapter for me!

goodbye blog

Did I get your attention?

I hope so, but relax, calm down, breathe, and meet me at my new blog: Happy is the new healthy.

I’ve loved loved loved blogging here, but I hope you’ll join me and move on to the new chapter for me!

Making myself

This is what I’m reminding myself of…

‎”We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.”

Easier said than done, right now.

I went to the gym where we’re staying and was hoping to get a good cardio workout in. Instead I felt exhausted (for no apparent reason), weak, and my hip hurt.

So instead of making myself miserable with a spin that felt like crap on the bike, I decided to foam roll and call it a day. I did a med ball workout that made me feel absolutely so weak and I wish I could say I was invigorated and challenged to get back into shape, but this feeling out of shape is new for me. I had thoughts like “it’s your fault for letting yourself go” and “why haven’t you been doing weights every day for the last month–you’re just wasting your time” and “you’re lazy” but that’s all bull shit, ya know? Cuz I have been keeping up with things — swimming, taking time for myself. I read this post about the emotions around an injury on Healthy Tipping Point after I got back and showered and had a good cry about this all.

I’m trying to reframe: I’m with my family. I can take time and read. I can relax. I will be able to run again. I’m just realizing how much of a part of me training is. And how much I miss it. I cannot wait to get going again! But if I rush it, I’m going to end up off for longer and more miserable. I am glad for the experience–I think I’ve realized more about myself in the last month than I have in ages. The time to think, the perspective, the frustrations–they’re all part of bigger lessons!

Last night was good, btw. We had some good dinner (margaritas on the rocks included–but I couldn’t drink most of mine) and I swear this is the proof that everything is bigger in Texas! I couldn’t finish my meal–in fact it hardly looked like there was a dent in it. I blame it on the oyster appetizers we shared and on the salad I filled up on first. I ordered pasta with arugula, red sauce, and shrimp/mussels/crab meat. I’m taking out the whole sea. Eeeeek. Good thing I’m EASING into vegetarianism. I had room for a bit of Godiva when we got home, and then I slept like a baby.





This morning was a repeat breakfast.


And now I’m just waiting for UBC to call me for an interview with their J school. Seems a little pointless, since my life plan has taken a 180 (more on that later)–you’ll all hear about it soon enough. The new blog is getting closer and closer to being ready for it’s reveal. Who’s excited?!

We are off to the aquarium and a few other fun things today–indoor cuz it’s foggy and the weather is a bit yucky here today. Stay tuned! 🙂

Any advice for my silly injury?
What’s your fav kind of sea food?


Chilling in more ways than one

Hey again. Or howdy, perhaps? Seems only right…

Texas is continuing to be awesome. Lat night was filled with UNO–the extreme kind! The tournament’s at 1 Sherry to 1 Dad to 1 Me. Showdown coming up, I’m sure!

I had a good dinner and some Godiva chocolate for dessert. The late night UNO left me hungry so I tried this chocolate Oikos. Not my fav, but it filled me up!




This morning, I did some work on my new blog (yeah, it’s gonna happen)! And then I went for a swim at a pool that I thought was about 20 minutes away. It ended up being 45–including the two texas double backs (translation: legal u turns)–but it was a nice drive in my Dad’s mustang with the top down, so no complaints. I will complain, a little though, about the water temperature. Estimate -12. The rec centre is seriously a bathtub and the YMCA a hot tub, kiddos. No more complaining. I actually felt icicles when I dived in! I only lasted 50 minutes (2000m, mostly pull), but I’m glad I went! I also did my physio there, after discovering a hole in my lulu leggings. WTF. It’s right in my bum. How does that happen!?
I feel like a bottomless pit today, though. I had breakfast (ezekiel granola, banana, almond butter, and almond milk) and plenty of snacks (mandarin oranges, greek yogurt, grapes) plus a leftover veggie burger with an unphotographed spinach salad? Who says you can’t eat healthy on vacation?




This afternoon’s snack was a bit more fun, served in a golf cart.


A beer balances a LARA bar just right. Completes the protein. FYI that’s a fact.

My golf game was sucking, probably because the beer didn’t come til after we were halfway done. Or maybe cuz it was freezing and I was eaten alive by mosquitos?  Still, there were cool birds and it was pretty fun and the day went really fast. Happy Family Day to you guys in Canada — I miss a bunch of you and we should really be together (;)!) and I guess happy President’s Day to ya here in the states? I don’t know what it means as a holiday for you…seems like everything was still open here. 20120220-173923.jpg




Now we’re waiting out the dinner rush to head out for some food. It’s still busy here cuz of Mardi Gras tomorrow, so we’ll see how it goes!

How was your holiday? Or was it not a holiday in your world?
Do you try to eat healthy on vacation?
Are you a golfer?

Off to a good start

Vacation + Sundays = 🙂

Today started off with a nice sleep in followed by some homework I had to do. There was coffee and a big bowl of grapes to help make it bearable, though!


Check out my reflection in the camera! 🙂

The sunrise over the ocean also helped…

Sherry (Dad’s fiance) and I went to the gym here together. Which is ballin’. Like the best travelling gym I’ve ever been too. A slap in the face with this hip, but I’m looking on the bright side.

I was feeling hip good so I rode the spin bike for a bit. Kept it relatively light and made sure I warmed up and cooled down, but I still feel something today that makes me REALLY sad.


I also did my physio and some stretching/foam rolling. Why am I not better yet? Sorry, done whining. I just have a lot of anxiety (plus frustration at seeing people running in the perfect weather) about when it will ever not hurt to run. Anyone literally thought something would never get better? Cuz it doesn’t hurt when I’m just hanging out…but then when I do something, it comes back. Sucks. I checked out the return to activity protocol in The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery (good book, BTW!). It says to start with a kind of jumping/plyo session to see if it’s pain free. Then to progress to walk/run. For 8 weeks. Then to spend about 8 weeks working up to 45 minutes of running. That will get me to June. Can I be ready for my half IM? I guess I have to decide here and now that the answer is yes. 22 weeks is long enough for me to recover from this, get back to training, and to build up. And that’s that. Mel always reminds me:

“Those who think they can and those who think they can’t are both right.”

Soooo there.

After my workout, I had some breakfast. I was excited to try the Love Grown granola that Sherry picked out, mostly because Tina is always showing it on her blog! I added an apple, some raw almonds I brought, and some skim milk.


We went downtown today to the little shops (The Strand)–mostly gift shops (so some of you should be excited 😉 ). The sun was out, which was perfect, and it’s Mardi Gras so there were some drunk people and a concert. Random. But awesome.


We ate out at a seafood/steak house…I had salmon with coconut rice and asparagus! The rice wasn’t my cup of tea, but the rest of the meal was great.



Christine shared taffy (peanut butter) for dessert.


I bought myself new Tom’s. They are WILD for summer. And they’re vegan, according to the website.

I can’t wait to wear them.

When we got home, we went for a long walk on the beach into the sunset. I’d say it was romantic but I was the third wheel to my sister and her husband…it happens. I always wish I had a significant other when I’m on these trips. Sigh*

I found a lobster claw.


And some crabs. No joke. I’m bringing em back. 😉




Ohhhh, it was a good day!

Now we’re going to start dinner–burgers (veggie for me!), kale chips (my contribution), corn, and maybe some salad. Noms.

How was your Sunday?
When’s the last time you played at the beach?

A little perspective

The trip is off to an awesome start. Here is the quickest post ever because we are about to play UNO!

Plane food involved papaya—yummm!


Going too long + this wine spritzer20120218-195424.jpg

Set me up for a “big dinner” but I am refusing to feel guilty over the loaf of good bit of sourdough garlic bread I inhaled.

I also had some popcorn at the bar plus most of the pasta my dad served up. I skipped the pork and went with shrimp. seafood is in for this week… but I am hoping to head to the grocery store tomorrow to supplement the groceries that my dad was so kind as to stock our kitchen with! His girlfriend picked out some healthy stuff for us to nosh on but I am gonna add some stuff!




Andddd, here’s the tease: check out this view…


Bring on the long walks, the books, the sleep, the relaxation…

Almost overeating right now is just a sign: it’s not worth it. This vacation is going to be too good to get worked up over some wine and extra white carbs. It happens. Move on.


how do you move on?
do you like seafood?

Flying away

I’m literally sitting on the border en route to the states to fly to Texas! This is a phone post, so apologies in advance.

I can catch you up with my eats and what I’ve been doing–homework, swimming, and putting friends first. Awesome is contagious. 🙂

Here are some yummy eats:








I can’t believe it’s spring break! It’s snowing here but 30 (88) in Texas. Holy!
I didn’t pack for that. More for room temperature so I think I’m in for a sweat! I’m less worried than I thought I’d be even though I can’t run while I’m there. I’m hoping a restful week filled with books, family bonding, and blogging helps and when I get back I can ease into running. You have to have hope!

Now for a tease…I’ve had time to think so I’m hoping for some posts about my thoughts on the whole “strong is the new skinny” movement, vegetarianism and why I might be headed that way, my outlook on eating (eating manifesto) right now, my cowboy husband. Ha ha.

I hope you guys are having an awesome weekend!

Talk to ya soon!

what’s the best spring break you’ve ever been on?
what’s the best book you’ve read lately?
have you ever gone veg? Would you? Why or why not?

Quick check in

Hey guys!

I am really really swamped with work (my own fault, I spent a lot of time doing things besides homework today) — but I’m also tired after a big, awesome day.

It started with swim, which went so quickly! I spent the morning with Nina at the library, then headed to the dietitian. I came home and made myself a delish lunch, did some homework, and then hung out with Mel before I went to a really special event at Brescia. When Meg invited me, I knew it was something that was right up my alley.

QUINOA, spinach, apple, and cheddar cheese (with maple vinaigrette)

yogurt with cocoa and a couple of chocolate chips!

Ever heard of Health At Every Size? Don’t be ashamed if you haven’t, but now you  have no reason not to check it out.

The gal who spoke tonight was a Brescia grad who got involved with the group, which is about:

  • Accepting and respecting the natural diversity of body sizes and shapes.
  • Eating in a flexible manner that values pleasure and honors internal cues of hunger, satiety, and appetite.
  • Finding the joy in moving one’s body and becoming more physically vital.

And she was AMAZING. She spoke with such passion about a topic I’d always thought was interesting (I think I came across it in Intuitive Eating, which is part of the HAES movement) and I really walked away feeling like I couldn’t think of a much better way to spend my evening. Her name was Julie Rochefort and you should probably follow her on twitter!

She summed up what I’m really trying to live: weight is just an outcome. It doesn’t matter. What matters is your health and everything else: how well you’re eating, whether or not you’re taking care of yourself mentally, if you’re being active/respecting your body…

Wowzer! This, plus all that reading I’ve been sucked into lately, is making for an excited me! 🙂 Not to mention 2 days from now I’ll be in Texas! It’s time for me to edit the assignments I’ve got to hand in tomorrow, and maybe think about the one I have to start/finish for Sunday (aka for Friday night, cuz I don’t want to leave it til I’m on the plane!).

When’s the last time someone really impressed you/left an impression on you with a presentation?
Have you heard of Health At Every Size? 

Wordless WIAW

(THESE words don’t count — I’m copying Meghann from Meals and Miles–the first WIAWs I read were her wordless ones!)







(I’m easily swayed, but I’m also repulsed and really affected by the first book. I have read a lot of “food” books — Food Inc., Michael Pollan’s books, Mark Bittman’s books, Fast Food Nation, etc. etc. etc. (you should see my bookshelf) but this one is getting to me.)

What do you think about being a vegetarian? A vegan? A conscious omnivore (i.e. avoiding factory farmed products)?
What’s the best thing you ate today? (QUINOA for breakie!) 

Flowers and a date

Happy Valentines Day, kiddos!


No, I wasn’t given flowers. I bought them for myself because I decided to treat myself (besides chocolate eating) today. Glad I did!

Swimming this morning went really quick — I felt a little off and I’m blaming it on too much coffee and a heftier pre-workout snack plus some tossing and turning last night.  Apparently I couldn’t hold my phone straight to snap a pic of my blueberries and flaxseed on greek yogurt.


I had a lovely jar of overnight oats waiting for me when I got home. A can, more accurately. Pumpkin oats are the best — this time I spiced up my original Overnight Oats in a Can…of Pumpkin using cranberries instead of raisins and eating it with a spoon of almond butter. Perfection, I think!

After a quick trip to Remark (where I snagged the flowers for myself and a few things to get me through to the weekend eating happily), I had an oldie but a goodie apple/cheddar on ezekiel bread sandwich with a spinach salad for lunch. 🙂


My belly was happy when I spent a while at the eye doctor’s. He was behind, but luckily I had a book to keep me company. I’m reading “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer and even though I’ve flipped through it before (it was on sale for 7.99 at the book store), I can’t wait to get into it. Repulsed is the only word I have for how I felt after reading his intro–with plenty of reference to the ample supply of stray dogs being euthanized that for some ethical reason people won’t eat–and an analogy that when you look away from something you can’t seem to focus on (i.e. eating animals) at the outer edges or something on the borderline (i.e. eating dogs, which is normal in some cultures), you can get a clearer picture of that main thing that seemed so blurry.

Eeeeek. Books are meant to open up your mind and challenge you, and I think this one’s going to do just that for me.

Today also marked a special occasion — I MADE QUINOA! How long have I been talking about finally doing it? Proof…


I also ATE quinoa!

After an afternoon study date with Chelsea — 🙂 — I came home and snarfed this mix: quinoa, tuna (yeah, I’m still eating animals right now), sun dried tomatoes, zucchini, and feta cheese. Can you say perfection?! I think you’re gonna see a post about this one — cuz it would make a wicked good cold salad and I need a better picture to do it justice…

Now it’s time for me to go to bootcamp and show those gals some love. I am going to do a partner workout–but stay tuned to hear how it went and what it was! I also made them the chocolatey balls of goodness from this weekend, so I’m looking forward to getting there. I should do my physio stuff first–my hip’s not screaming and I don’t want to just neglect the stuff since I feel a bit better. Vigilance is keyyyy! I want to run injury free all summer…a big goal but a good and do able one, I think!

Tonight I’m going to relax with Biggest Loser, a phone chat with my sister, my new book, and my foam roller. I’m saying forgetttttabout homework because I am going to spend a few hours at the library tomorrow. And because I can. So there. Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

How is your Valentine’s day going?
Would you ever buy yourself flowers? chocolates? if not, how come?
Have you ever read “Eating Animals”? Thoughts?